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Does Satoru Gojo Die In Jujutsu Kaisen? Explained

Every Action Manga series, there is one OP character who is powerful enough to shift the balance between Evil and Good. In Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo acts as the one. Carrying the powers of Infinity under his finger, Gojo is too OP to be defeated not only by Curses, but also fellow Sorcerers. But, we Manga readers have trained ourselves with such cliché and always have back in our mind that something surely will happen that will stop this OP Character. In which, the first question that arises is: “Does Satoru Gojo die?”

To make this confusion clear, we’ll have to go back to see what is Gojo’s weakness, and whether he can actually be killed? If not killed, there must a way to break his technique and at least bring him down to knees? Well! let’s look into it then.

But, before reading below, if you are here from the Anime, then be ready to Spoil yourself, as this post will contain excerpts from Manga and also events that are not yet animated.


Impact of Gojo’s Presence in Jujutsu Society

As I said before, when an extremely powerful character appears, then the balance between powers quickly shifts. There are various reasons why Gojo’s is considered the powerful character in the series. Among the top is his “Infinity Technique.”

Second is Gojo’s Six Eyes. On top of it, he also has insane physical strength. All these traits makes him a prodigy as a Sorcerer.

Satoru Gojo
Gojo’s Eye: Fandom

Though there is very little information about the scenario before Gojo became active as a Sorcerer, it’s sure that after being commissioned, he single-handedly exorcised more Curses than all of Jujutsu Society put together.

We have also seen this in Anime. Geto is trying hard to get control of Sukuna and to do it he has to get hold of Itadori. And, Gojo is the only one powerful enough to stop this from happening. The first major fight against a Curse was between Gojo and Jogo, and the consequences were clear.

Hence, we can say that Satoru Gojo’s presence is more than enough to keep most Curses at bay. But, this changed after Itadori engulfed Sukuna’s finger.

Why is Satoru Gojo Feared Among Curses?

To answer this question, let’s shift our focus from Gojo to Megumi and Todo. Yes, I took two different Sorcerers to compare, and you’ll understand soon why.

What are the similarities between Todo and Megumi? And what about the differences? It feels like the differences are more than the similarities isn’t it?

When talking about Todo, the major traits he has is Muscles, Raw Physical Strength, Speed. On the other hand, Megumi has skills, is not Physically intense as Todo and also not Speedy. But, Megumi can Manipulate Cursed Energy more efficiently and can summon Magical Beasts.

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo spots Toji
Kid Gojo Spots Toji’s Presence

You see? To go in a fight against a Curse these two would be a good match, but, both of them are lacking something. One is lacking Magical Skills, and the other is lacking Physical Prowess.

But, when we talking about Gojo. There is not doubt that his Energy is immense, he can use his Techniques without even thinking about Energy depletion. Also, there is hardly anyone who can defeat him in Physical Ability.

This deadly combination makes him an all-rounder and a constant fear among Curses.

So, Does Satoru Gojo Die?

The inevitable question to “Whether someone will die?” is “Yes.” Gojo’s case is a bit different.

Does Satoru Gojo Die?

No, Satoru Gojo does not die. This is a straightforward answer to the question. But, something else happened that stopped Gojo to unleash his wrath over Curses.

From the very beginning of the series, Geto’s plan was to either Kill or Seal Gojo. And, they planned to execute this on 31th October at Shibuya. While they were causing havoc in the area, Gojo intervened and accidentally got sealed in a Prison Realm.

Though, it’s not clear whether he freed himself from this, but, even in the latest chapter of Manga, we haven’t been able to see Gojo intervene in the battle.

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Sealed
Satoru Gojo Sealed: Fandom

If this wasn’t worse, Gojo is also declared a criminal after what happened with Sukuna. And, anyone who frees him will also be declared such. This step has made the situation even worse and a major dent in the Sorcerer Community.

It’s not clear as to who made this decision, and Jujutsu Kaisen Community is speculating that Gojo will, anyway, free himself and finally finish what he started.

What Happens if Gojo is Dead?

OMG!! It’s tough to write the repercussions of Gojo Sensei’s death. The primary thing that will happen is that the World will lose an gem who had the genuine capability to crush even the last of the Curses.

Losing a prodigy everybody’s loss. Gojo is the first with Six Eyes in Hundred Years. There is nothing to explain after this.

Second, yes, you guessed it right, attacks on average citizen will shoot-up and Cursed Spirits will go rampant.

And, the last but not the least, we followers will wail.

Moments of Death Situation

Even the most powerful character may have their own weakness. Gojo’s physical body is always cocooned in infinity, yet there are times when he drops his guard. This mostly happens when Gojo is tired.

The Gojo we see in latest episodes and chapters is more powerful than he was before. The picture below describes an extremely rare scenario where Gojo is being stabbed from behind. The person to stab him is Toji Fushiguro(Megumi’s Father).

Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo vs Toji
Toji Fushiguro vs Gojo: Fandom

This incident took place more than 10 years ago from the present days of Jujutsu Kaisen. When Gojo and a Sorcerer(Name hidden) was trying to complete a mission, Toji attacked him from behind. This wounded Satoru.

After this, a bitter battle ensued in which Satoru Gojo was the loser. Yes, this was the only time when Gojo Sensei lost. What’s surprising is that Toji Fushiguro was an hardcore fighter like Todo, hence it became hard for Satoru Gojo to track him with Six Eyes.

In whole series, this incident was the only one where he really faced life and death situation. Yes, you can say that getting sealed also falls in “Lost” category, but if we talk about life and death, the battle against Tojoi Fushiguro was to the most extreme.

Can Any Other Sorcerer Take Gojo’s Place?

Replacing a Diamond with Ruby does not fulfill the need for Diamond. In case of Satoru Gojo too, if he ever dies, or gets permanently sealed, though there won’t be anyone to fill the exact same position as Gojo, but yes, they may prove to be a good replacement.

(1) Yuta Okkotsu
(2) Yuki
(3) Maki

These three are the closest who can fill Gojo’s absence. But, to replicate Gojo’s decision, all these three have to work together. Maki is good with her ability, but her decision making ability is still in question.

Yuta is extremely powerful, he is actually more powerful than Gojo in such young age. But, he is a hot-headed guy who is usually driven by emotional decisions. Taking decisions emotionally can prove disastrous in Jujutsu Society.

Yuki is matured and Todo’s sensei. There is almost nothing know about her ability, and also how she operates, but, here he experience can be of good help.

Hence, these are the closest to replace Gojo.


The powerful a character is, the more threat they are surrounded with. This theory is more evident now than it was before. Itadori was an average high schooler, and his life changed instantly after he engulfed Sukuna’s finger. Now, he has become the center of attention.

With Satoru Gojo too, his Six Eyes and Infinite technique made him the strongest Sorcerer. How important Gojo is got revealed after he was sealed. Countless Curses started making their move and Geto unleashed even more Curses.

If ever Satoru Gojo dies, it sure is going to be a nightmare for not only the Jujutsu Community, also average citizens.

Let’s see what the Manga has to reveal in the upcoming chapters.

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