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One Piece 1006 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

After the battle between Luffy and Kaido, we have now entered another battle scene between Black Maria and others Starw-hat members. Since Sanji never lands a hit on a woman, he chooses not to attack Black Maria. But, he has defeated the male members in Black Maria’s group. But, that’s how far he could have gone. As he have gone out of option, he has decided to take help from Robin. And, here they are. Robin, Nami and Brook are here to save their “Chivalrous” Nakama. With this, let’s look into One Piece 1006 Spoilers and other leaks.


Hyogoro’s Death Is Imminent?

We see that Hyogoro has already been infected with the virus. But, that’s how powerful he is. Even after getting infected, he is repeatedly attacking and also facing attacks.

And as the old saying, when in extreme stress, we always produce something marvellous, and Hyogoro has produced the same results. After the virus has infected him, he produces a new attack. Though the leaks do no recognize the exact attack technique, it’s sure that it is powerful enough to bring down a major chunk of enemy group.

Sadly, in the end we see that he has commanded one of his subordinates to kill him. The reason is unknown, maybe to stop the infection from spreading. But, the real question is – Is this it for Hyogoro? Well! I think before he breaths his last, Chopper will save him.

Marco Is Extremely Strong

Yes, Marco is strong and he has proved himself in this battle. He is single-handedly fighting King and Queen and now Perospero will also join the group. Though this will add to extra pressure for Marco, I’m sure he will cop up with the situation easily. We can only hope that nothing extreme happens to him.

I have a feeling that Jinbei will join Marco and they both will fight together. We also haven’t seen Jinbei since many chapters and questions are arising about his status.


  • Bao Huang finds Momonosuke and his group.
  • Sanji is in a confusion who to support? Is it Momonosuke or Kin’emon’s group?
  • After sometime he comes to a decision, but he’s not sure whether the decision is right.
  • Perospero defeats Carrot.
  • While Chopper is busy preparing the antidote, Hyogoro and X-Drake are guarding him.
  • Unfortunately Hyogoro gets infected and his body has contracted.
  • Hyogoro uses a technique related to swords and flowers.
  • Marco fight King Queen at the same time.
  • Perospero have found out about Marco and is coming after him.
  • Hyogoro can no longer bear the effect of the virus and asks a subordinate to kill him.

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