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Does Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? Explained!!

Does Inumaki die in Jujutsu Kaisen? Inumaki, though he doesn’t talk much, and mostly it’s gibberish, is one of the most loved characters in the manga series.

He has some terrifying powers that gives him the power to control and direct his opponent to do anything he wants! And if you have watched enough anime and read countless manga, you’ll surely know that the one with the most unique power is attacked the most!

And in Inumaki’s case too it’s accurate. Hence, today, I’ll talk about whether Inumaki dies in JJK, or would be survive until the end?


Inumaki’s Strength & Weakness

Everybody has something they can rely on, and also something that proves to be a liability. In this case, Inumaki, too, has Strength and Weakness, though, fortunately, the Strengths outnumber the Weaknesses. But, how these traits help him in attacking an enemy is a matter of question we must look at.


Let’s start this explanation with Inumaki and Todo. Comparing these two may seem unfair as Todo is undeniably strong, but what if I say that Inumaki is a Semi-Grade 1 Sorcerer. That makes him the same level as Kamo who almost annihilated Megumi even before unleashing his true power!

Comparing Inumaki to Nobara and Megumi, Nobara is Grade-3 (later recommended to Grade-1 by Todo) and Megumi is Grade-2 Sorcerer. If you are thinking about Gojo sensei, he is Special Grade. Let’s keep Gojo out of this though.

Sorcerer Ranks: Jujutsu Kaisen

Inumaki is not a Semi-Grade 1 with brute-power, his technique is more like an Art. As an Artist is extremely careful in choosing colors, Inumaki is careful in choosing his words. This makes Inumaki a problematic mid-range fighter.

When your opponent is able to manipulate the surroundings only with voice, you know you should step-back. To make things easier, Inumaki’s technique is a “Cheat-code” that helps him stay one step ahead of his enemy.

Inumaki Cursed Speech
Inumaki Uses Cursed Speech Technique

What makes Inumaki’s Cursed Technique even more deadly is that this technique works on People or Curses with higher capabilities than him. This we have seen happening before the start of the Kyoto Goodwill Event when Todo was repeatedly attacking Megumi. This same thing happened when he used his Cursed Technique on Hanami. Even though Hanami and Todo both have more than double the strength he has, Inumaki was able to successfully stop them briefly.

In short, Inumaki’s Cursed Technique is a “Do or Die” technique and easily outsmarts his rival and enemies. His Cursed Techniques are not only limited to “Stop,” “Sleep,” “Run Away,”. But, he can also command anyone to “Die.”

Yes, Inumaki has commanded Curses to die and that has worked pretty much on minor curses. Though, it is not clear whether this same technique will work on powerful curses like Sukuna, Hanami or Mahito.

Now, it’s time to talk about the dark side of Inumaki’s cursed technique. With “Dark Side” I do not mean negative effects in Inumaki’s body or mind, only the Weaknesses.


With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.” This phrase makes its best usage in case of Inumaki’s Cursed Technique. Even though the techniques give him an edge over his opponents, it is limited to only few times. Another weakness of is his physical ability.

Inumaki lacks physical strength to counter an opponent. Yes, he is agile and has monstrous stamina, but, when it comes to raw strength, Inumaki lacks this trait. You can say that Inumaki’s “Godlike” Cursed Technique finds its balance with his lack of Physical Raw Strength.

Another thing to note is that, even though Inumaki’s technique gives him an edge over his opponents, it is limited to only few moments. It’s best to say that Inumaki proves to be a fantastic support for other Sorcerers, but when alone, he is limited to either running away or fighting until his Vocal Cord gives up.

Jujutu Kaisen Satoru Gojo Domain Expansion
Satoru Gojo Using Domain Expansion

But, this makes Inumaki a dangerous character in a battle field. One Loophole and the result of battle may change entirely. Recall when Kamo was suggesting everyone to cover their ears with Cursed Energy only to save themselves from Inumaki. We have seen this happening with Miwa during the Kyoto High School Goodwill Event when Inumaki literally defeated her with “Sleep.”

Finally, the major weakness that Inumaki always faces is that he cannot use any Technique repeatedly. At most he can use it 5 times, and he will basically injure his vocal cord. That’s exactly what happened while fighting Hanami. He only used his Cursed Technique few times, and was already at his limit. In the end his Vocal Cord finally gave-up

But, don’t go on thinking that since Inumaki was not able to critically harm Hanami, he is “Weak.” No, Hanami is extremely strong. Even the group of Megumi, Kamo and Inumaki failed to harm it.

While fighting Jogo, Hanami fooled Gojo into thinking that they were in a beautiful environment. Not only that, Hanami was also able to mask his presence and slip-away from Gojo’s wrath.

Important Roles Played

Now, that we have talked about Inumaki’s Strengths and Weaknesses, let’s look into the times when Inumaki helped other Sorcerers and changed situations according to will.

(1) In the prequel series of Jujutsu Kaisen, when Geto attacked the Jujutsu School, Inumaki immediately used his Cursed Speech to kill Geto. He used the Cursed Words, “Crumble Away” to crush Geto with Gravitation push.

What does Crumble Away do?
The Cursed Technique “Crumble Away” creates an extremely powerful Gravitation Field within a targeted area and attempts to crush the enemy until they are buried underground. Unlike Gravitation, “Crumble Away” is a push-force rather than a pull-force, hence making the technique more damaging.

(2) In the Beginning of Kyoto Goodwill Event, Inumaki saved Megumi from Todo. While Todo was severely beating Megumi, Inumaki stopped Todo with “Don’t Move” and stopped their fight.

(3) During the Kyoto Goodwill Event, Inumaki restrained Hanami several times with his Cursed Speech, and stopped him from using any severe attacks. Though this didn’t work for a long time, the technique delayed Hanami and gave other Sorcerers chance to understand the situation and land their attacks.

These are some of the times when Inumaki used his Cursed Powers and possibly changed the entire situation according to will.

Does Inumaki Die?

For a seasoned Anime watcher we all have been seeing exams being disrupted. Yes, Naruto. And, how can Jujutsu Kaisen cannot follow the same step? While the Kyoto Goodwill Event was at its peak, the Villains already had plans to disrupt it. After deploying a barrier, Hanami launched an attack to either severely injure or kill, though we all know it’s the latter, the Sorcerers to prove their domination.

And, keeping Gojo at bay was their first priority. Though Megumi, Kamo and Inumaki are strong and talented sorcerers, fighting a full-fledged Special-Grade Cursed Spirit is not everyone’s cup of tea.

And, Hanami being a Special-Grade Cursed, it wasn’t hard to counter Megumi’s and Kamo’s attacks.

The only solution left was restraint. Hence, when it comes to stopping someone without using physical force, Inumaki Toge is the only one who can do that. This forced him to unleash his technique and allow Kamo and Megumi to make a decision.

But, as we know that using this technique too much has repercussions, it backfired and in turn injured Inumaki to the point that blood threw out of his mouth. But, severely injured and dying are two different aspects.

Does that mean Inumaki is dead?
No! Inumaki is not dead.

But, if you really want to look into the future and know whether Inumaki is doing okay? Well! that’s something we can discuss further.

Major Spoilers Ahead!!

Present Situation

Fast forward into the present scenario. Things are pretty much under control, but not everything is alright!

Tokyo is in complete mayhem, major experienced sorcerers are either dead or their status is unknown. And what the principal of Kyoto high feared turned out to be the exact reality. Sukuna’s Domain Expansion has killed millions of people, and the damage done is unexplainable. A major chunk of Tokyo now is nothing but flat land.

It’s revealed that Inumaki was caught in Sukuna’s Domain Expansion and got his arms chopped off. But, he is alive.

Inumaki Hand
Inumaki’s Severed Hand

The above picture is Inumaki, after getting his arms chopped off. It’s clear that Inumaki has lost his lower left hand, but his right hand in not shown. Hence, it is not clear whether he has lost both of his hands. The image shown above is the last time we have seen Inumaki.

After that, as of now, his condition is unknown. It’s also not sure whether his legs are intact.

It’s always hard to digest when a beloved character either dies or gets into situation where there is nowhere to go. Sukuna unleashed his Domain Expansion when Itadori got overwhelmed with fingers. Though, Inumaki is severely injured, many other Sorcerers are yet to be found.

The Shibuya arc is the second biggest arc after Kyoto Goodwill Event arc. Want to know when these panels will be animated? For Manga readers, Fingers crossed 🤞, and for Anime watchers, you will have to probably wait for Season 2.

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