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10+ Hottest Male Character In Solo Leveling. RANKED!!

In this post, I’ll list the Top 10+ Hottest Male Character in Solo Leveling.

I know there are many male characters in Solo Leveling, but, of course, not everyone of them is good looking and attractive. Here in this list I’m listed named of almost each and every sexy and attractive male character in Solo Leveling..

Ready? Let’s GOOO….


(1) Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin Woo is the sexiest and the hottest male character in Solo Leveling. He has everything necessary to qualify for this list. Power, personality, skills, aura, hand-to-hand skills, magical prowess. Also he cares for his family a LOT…In fact this guild is named after his sister.

Solo Leveling Sung Jin Woo
Sung Jin Woo

Do you think there is someone more attractive than Jin Woo? Do let me know…

(2) Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang is not just sexy and insanely attractive, but reportedly he is also the strongest hand-to-hand fighter in Solo Leveling. I don’t know whether he is better than Jin Woo, but he is really exceptional…

Liu Zhigang

He carries an air as powerful as the dragon itself. You can say that Liu is the human manifestation of the Chinese Dragon…He challenged Jin Woo, but also respectful of his prowess.

(3) Goto Ryuji

Goto was an intense hunter who spared no one. Not even his own…But this personality trait became a huge issue later in the story…Keeping aside his behavior, Goto is attractive because of his intensity.

Goto Ryuji Solo Leveling
Goto Ryuji

He has a fierce aura that forced even some high ranking Hunters to back-off…

(4) Lennart Niermann

Lennart Niermann is the strongest S-Class Hunter from Germany. Unlike other hunters, Lennart is a stoic and doesn’t express much. And for some reason people who don’t talk much are attractive. Maybe because of the mystery that they always carry.

Lennart Niermann

Lennart had important role in the story and we get to see some great attacks from him…I wonder whether the anime will show that too?

(5) Christopher Reed 

Christopher Reed was the strongest Hunter in USA. Other than being insanely strong and experienced, Reed was also quite good-looking. He had a chiseled jawline which you can see in the image below, and also a powerful presence.

Christopher Reed 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see him in action, but according to reports his firepower was so intense that it took more than 1400 firefighters and several S-Rank Hunters to put-out the fire he created…

(6) Choi Jong In

Funny enough Choi’s art style is often compared to Aizen (Bleach). His facial structure matches so much with Aizen that Solo Leveling fans often joke that Choi is Aizen’s long-lost younger brother…Jokes aside, in my view Choi is THE most handsome man in Solo Leveling.

Choi Jong-In Solo Leveling
Choi Jong In

Especially the type of attire he always wears. He wears dresses like a gentleman and also behaves like one. He was also one of the first Hunters to see potential in Jin Woo, and tried to recruit him in his guild. Also his magic type just boosts his hotness (pun intended).

(7) Adam White

Adam White appeared only few times in the manhua, but he ended-up gaining quite a substantial fan-following. He was the chief of the Federal Bureau of Hunters’s(Asia Branch).

Adam White Solo Leveling
Adam White

Surprisingly he looks very similar to other characters in the series like Woo Jinchul who is also a handsome man…

(8) Reiji Sugimoto

Reiji Sugimoto is one handsome man. He is not only hella attractive, but also immensely powerful (S-Rank Hunter). Here’s one interesting fact about him: Reiji is just a manhua exclusive character and doesn’t appear in the novel…

Reiji Sugimoto
Reiji Sugimoto

In the manhua he is shown as the Guild Master of Draw Sword Guild…As I mentioned before, Reiji is just a manhua exclusive character so he, unfortunately, doesn’t appear much in the manhua chapters…

(9) Yoo Jin Ho

Yoo Jin Ho is the guy who stays closest to Jin Woo and pretty much knows everything about Woo’s next move. He is also the vice-guildmaster of Ahjin Guild…

Yoo Jin Ho Solo Leveling
Yoo Jin Ho

Yoo Jin Ho is above average looking and is simple. Unlike other hunters Jin Ho doesn’t have any “air” that he carries…

(10) Sung Il-Hwan

Sung Il-Hwan is Sung Jin Woo’s dad. He is the oldest in terms of age, yet he packs the “chad” vibe about himself…Though he don’t have much screen time, Il-Hwan’s appeared in the series at the most crucial moments.

Sung Il-Hwan Solo Leveling
Sung Il-Hwan

If you look closely, Jin Woo’s face matches a lot with Il-Hwan’s. I hope he got more time in the manhua…

(11) Iron Body Monarch

In all the Monarchs, the Iron Body Monarch is the most attractive in terms of looks and body physique…Having a powerful aura also helps him command a powerful presence…

Iron Body Monarch

And as you already know – villains are more attractive than heroes. This theory is goes true for Iron Body Monarch as well…

(12) Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre is one powerful S-Class Hunter with a terrifying presence. He has a big physique and has a commanding aura. I won’t say that he is not attractive, but he lacks a bit when it comes to looks…

Thomas Andre

Thomas is the type of person who doesn’t suite in calm situations…The moment he is there something gotta break loose…

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