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One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Hey guys, it’s time for One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoilers, Raw Scans…

What just happened? Did I just see history repeat again?

At least Kaido did see it!

Poor guy. Cannot even fight a battle at piece…

Well, luffy’s condition doesn’t look good. Let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoilers, Raw Scans (if available).

Chapter 1044 Predictions

More than the predictions, I’m worried about Luffy now. This is the second time he got defeated by Kaido.

Though we cannot take the second battle as a serious one. Thanks to the CP0 dude.

Now that Kaido is more pissed than before, things are not looking quite good for others. Kaido has stepped outside the battlefield, and, who knows where’s he heading?

If you ask me, then he’s heading towards the other CP0 guys maybe? At least I hope so!

But, it’s Kaido we are talking about. His thirst for a battle is so powerful that he can even fight his closest ally.


And if there’s anyone who can really battle Kaido after Luffy is Zoro and Jinbei. But, Jinbei is already engaged in other battle and Zoro is not yet fit to fight such huge opponent.

That means now Kaido is free to do anything he wants? If that happens then the War is already over, since I don’t think there’s anyone to beat him now. On top of that he’s pissed too!

There’s still hope though. Momonosuke is talking with Zunisha, the mystery elephant, and if you can recall correctly, the elephant almost killed Jack. Now will he attempt something similar against Kaido is my question.

Jack is strong, yes, but can Zunisha surpass even Kaido? Hard question to answer!

Well, that’s all from my side!

I’m almost sure about Zunisha vs Kaido.

What do you think is going to happen?

I’ll be waiting for you response!!

OP 1044 Spoilers

The Spoilers are here:

  • Chapter 1044 title: “Liberation War.”
  • Luffy’s allies feel his presence and that he isn’t dead yet.
  • The Gorousei in a conversation says that they have always tried to get “Gomu Gomu No Mi,” but they have never succeeded in 800 years.
  • It seems as if that Akuma no Mi ran away from them.
  • A Gorousei member says that he isn’t crazy, since the Zoan fruits have a mind of their own.
  • They talk that the “Gomu Gomu No Mi” is actually a Zoan-type fruit, and it’s real name is actually “Hito Hito No Mi.” Which translates into “Human Human Fruit.”
  • We also see Hiyori and Orochi. Hiyori finally reveals her face…
  • Luffy has finally awakened the fruit within him and he feels that he has reached his ultimate…
  • Luffy grabs Kaido from the roof and takes him upstairs, then a battle again breaks out between them…
  • Luffy grabs the ground and transforms it into rubber. This returns the Bolo Breath to Kaido.
  • Luffy decides to call the fruit’s awakening: “Gear 5, My Ultimate technique.”
  • It also seems that he can jump really high now!
  • End of Chapter….

One Piece is on a break next week. Hence, we’ll get Chapter 1044 Spoilers a little late than usual!

But, there’s nothing to worry about since mostly the spoilers come out pretty early! I won’t be surprised if OP 1044 Spoilers come only after 3-4 days.

Stay Tuned!!

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