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Does Kobeni Die In Chainsaw Man? Who Will She End-Up With?

Talk about the luckiest person in a manga, and Kobeni can compete face-to-face and still defeat them. I’ve read quite a number of manga, and I can affirm you one thing! I don’t usually read stuff that has a lot of gore or characters dying left and right. But, I couldn’t just control my compulsion to read this particular manga!

Power_in_Anime Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man has a story with more roller coaster ride that most theme park in the country you live in. The story seesaws between good and great to best! And, in all these mayhem of characters dying, we have Kobeni!

This post will cover most questions regarding Kobeni. The prime among them is of course, “Will Kobeni Die?” But, her being alive is not everything! So, let’s discuss most of the burning questions regarding Kobeni’s status and also some interesting theories regarding the Devil she has contract with!


Does Kobeni Have Devil Contract?

Now, here is where the whole thing takes a sudden turn! The theories regarding her Devil can be countless, but most of the time when someone tries to hide something from everyone, either the Devil is extremely strong or the repercussions of using the Devil is too high.

Does Kobeni have a Devil Contract?

Yes, Kobeni does have a Devil Contract. But she chose to keep the Devil a secret for reason we don’t know.

The other thing that comes to my mind is the reason why she was spared. The mangaka might have a plan to introduce her Devil in Part-2 of the manga.

I have a theory about the Devil she has contract with!
One thing to recall is that her being alive did come with a cost. Whenever she had a shave with fate, the person closest to her at that moment used to die!

looking at how lucky she is, don’t you think that she has a contract with the Luck or Unluck Devil? According to the manga, collective Human Emotions give rise to Devils. That’s why the Control Devil is the strongest!

Hence, it’s pretty much obvious how “Luck” and “Unluck” is feared among our society. Especially being “Unlucky” is more feared than being Controlled.

How Strong Is Kobeni?

On a more serious note, Kobeni is a Devil Hunter, hence, she does have if not many, ability to thwart attacks and neutralize enemies. The images below is from the time when she was facing the Snake Devil.

She showed some really impressive levels of agility and was easily able to counter the Snake Devil’s attack. Why it’s impressive is because the Snake Devil is quick(as most snakes are while attacking).

Chainsaw Man Kobeni_enhanced_ability
Kobeni’s Enhanced Physical Agility

Among all Devil Hunters, Himeno knew that Kobeni has the caliber to become a good Devil Hunter. It’s her pessimistic attitude that always holds her back!
Her quick action forced the Snake and Katana Devil to retreat or else they could have lost their lives.

I won’t be bragging when I say this:Kobeni is the timid version of Quanxi.” Quanxi is a lot older than Kobeni and also the First Devil Hunter. The talent Kobeni is showing at an young age is a signal that if she trains good enough, she could easily surpass even Kishibe or Quanxi.

Does Kobeni Die?

It’s hard to suggest any reaction after reading Kobeni’s experiences as a Devil Hunter. Whether I should laugh or be sad or just pity her! When she was introduced, I had a strong feeling that “this character is not going to die.” You may say that was my instincts after reading so many manga or whatever, but in the end that actually happened!

Does Kobeni Die?

No, Kobeni doesn’t die in Chainsaw Man.

She is easily the luckiest person in the manga. From beginning until the end of Part-1, she experienced an array of situations where she could have easily lost her life, but miraculously she survived. She didn’t even suffered any minor damage.
Chainsaw Man Kobeni

I’ve a feeling that all these scenarios might have a relation with the Devil she has contract with! In manga universe, it’s a cliché that a character who appears to be the weakest has the most insane ability. Well, let’s hope that when Part-2 comes out, she gets all the attention she deserved.

Who Does Kobeni End-up With?

Unlike some other manga where even in a situation of terror and mayhem the protagonist manages to get their life partner, Chainsaw Man doesn’t follow the same rule. That said, our protagonist, Denji does have the same dream that most teenagers have! And I don’t think this is the right platform to discuss what they are!

Chainsaw Man Himeno Death

On top of that Kobeni is older than Denji and also didn’t join Devil Hunter Association to get justice or something. She just wanted money to treat her family well, and since Devil Hunters are paid quite well, she took this job even though it’s risky.

Hence, the question is:

Who does Kobeni end-up with?

Kobeni doesn’t end-up with anyone. She also doesn’t end-up with Denji.

Honestly speaking, in the entire manga I never found Kobeni interested in any romance. And the world she is living is so messy, liking someone would be more of a hassle than peace. I mean, look what happened with Himeno?

Well, we can’t say what the mangaka is thinking. For now only Part-1 of the manga is complete and the closest “romance,” if you’d like to call it, we got to see what between Denji and Makima. If you’re thinking about Power, then her relationship with Denji was more of the “Best Buddy.”


Concluding the discussion, does that mean that Kobeni is more of a needless character in the manga?
No, I don’t think so! Kobeni is the classical example of a person joining a job they never wanted to do! The mangaka tried hard to explain readers the difference between a Devil Hunter like Aki and someone like Kobeni. Where Aki is entirely driven by revenge, Kobeni’s reason for joining as Devil Hunter is as basic as “for money.”

There are also no special perks for joining the Devil Hunters Association and the risk to reward ratio is also low with death rate close to 100%. That means, the only ones suitable for a Devil Hunting job are the ones who have a reason far greater than a monthly salary!

Either the mangaka is an genius or Kobeni’s was a god-sent opportunity. Because Kobeni’s response towards any trouble shows the usual compulsive reaction most average people carry within themselves.

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