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Black Clover All Arcs List. Which Is The Best Arc?

Black Clover has entered final arc, and things are set to got WILD. Everything is set. The manga is also back from a long hiatus and there’s time-skip of 1 year 3 months. Asta has grown a lot and who knows how powerful has he become.

So, how many arcs are there in Black Clover and which is the best one? I’ll try to ranks the best arcs in the manga…

(11) Arc 11 (Final Arc. Name Not Yet Announced)

I’ve kept Arc 11 at the end spot because it still hasn’t proven itself. Yes, the beginning is good enough, but it’s would be foolish to rank it at the top spot just because it’s the final one!

Lucius Zogratis vs Asta Black Clover
Lucius Zogratis

Countless theories are already popping out in the Community about what could happen, and the most probable deaths that can happen. I just hope that no one dies (especially not Yami).

(10) Dungeon Exploration Arc

Dungeon Exploration Arc is the 2nd arc in Black Clover. Being the 2nd arc, every character in the story got some insane upgrades. But they had to pay the price before that. Both Noelle and Mimosa were severely injured.

While Yuno discovered Slyph, Asta discovered a sword. It’s the 2nd Arc we are talking about, what can you expect?

(9) Seabed Temple Arc

The Seabed Temple Arc exposed Black Clover’s world outside the four Kingdoms. Having a Kingdom underneath the sea is itself fascinating!

The basic motive of the Knights was to retrieve a magic stone that the Eye of the Midnight Sun might use to unleash their mission. A simple mission for the Knights indeed until Vetto showed up!


What special happened in this arc? Asta almost lost his arm and Yami unleashed Dark Cloaked: Dimension Slash. Worse, the Seabed Temple ended up in complete mess!

(8) Magic Knights Entrance Arc

Magic Knights Entrance Arc is the 1st arc in Black Clover. And as you can expect from the first arc, a LOT happened within a very short point of time. From Yuno receiving the 4-Lead Grimoire to Asta getting into the Black Bulls.

It will take too much space and time to write everything. Hence, I’ll leave it here. I can say that Magic Knights Entrance Arc is one of the most stunning yet funny arc!

(7) Witches’ Forest Arc

With the release of Witches’ Forest Arc we unconsciously completed half of the story. Well, this arc did two jobs. Introduced Vanessa’s mom and also unlocked Vanessa hidden prowess.

Witch Queen Blood Magic Black Clover
Witch Queen

It’s very rare to see Asta striving for life. He is never defeated, but he almost couldn’t do anything against the Witch Queen. She was seriously OP, yet a subtly compassionate queen.

Honestly speaking, I won’t be exaggerating if I say that the Witch Queen’s prowess is almost similar to Lolopechka’s. What’s your thought on this claim?

(6) Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc

As you can already sense by the name, Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc involves both the Heart Kingdom and Clover Kingdom training hard for a final push against the Spade Kingdom.

Lolopechka Black Clover

This is also one of the longest and the most important arc in the series! While Clover Kingdom works hard to save the Captains from the Tree of Qliphoth, the Heart Kingdom Knights want to save their Queen from Vanica’s curse.

Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc is the 9th arc of Black Clover after which the Spade Kingdom Arc happened.

(5) Royal Knights Arc

Royal Knights Arc is the 7th Arc of Black Clover. Asta’s hand if finally healed and Yami orders him to take rest and stay out of any fights. But, Asta is not the type of guy to sit idle!

Royal Knights Arc is also one of the longest arc but surprisingly is a great to watch arc. This arc has some intense battles among the Clover Kingdom knights.

The reason? It’s a tournament between the Magic Knights. Royal Knights Arc is one arc where Julius and other Captains begin to suspect what the Eye of the Midnight Sun are planning.

Question for you: Name of the most intensive moment in Arc 7?

(4) Royal Capital Assault Arc

The Royal Capital Assault Arc is directly connected to the Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc. This is relatively a short arc compared to others, but has some commendable influence over the story.

Royal Capital Assault Arc basically began the war between Clover Kingdom and the Elves. And you probably know what happened as a snowball effect.

(3) Elf Reincarnation Arc

Why is Elf Reincarnation Arc one of the best? Julius Novachrono died. And then came back again…I would say that this single event changed the shape of the entire arc and also the story.

Little Julius Novachrono

Julius’ death is just one side of the coin of this entire arc! Later we also learned the real culprit behind the elves massacre.

(2) Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc

If I’m not wrong, Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc is the longest arc in the series. Please correct me if I’m missing something.

Patolli/Patry Black Clover

In fact I would says this arc is connected to a large number of arcs. Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc also introduced us with various unknown characters and their powers…

(1) Spade Kingdom Arc

The Spade Kingdom Arc is by far the most intense and exciting arc in the manga. Everything about this arc is great. From stronger villains to stronger knights!

Zenon Zogratis Black Clover

But what made the Spade Kingdom Arc the best is not just the fights, but the constant fear of losing the two Captains. Characters other than Asta also got upgrade from their usual past selves…

Conclusion & FAQ

I’m exciting for the final arc to unfold, but also sad that one of my favorite manga will end within few years. I’ve mentioned and named all the arcs in the manga and the events that happens in it!

My favorite arc is, of course, Spade Kingdom Arc. The arc is good not just because of how beautifully Tabata drew the Devils, but also the way he balanced the fight between the Knights and the Devils.

Which Is The Best Black Clover Arc?

Spade Kingdom Arc is the Best Black Cove arc.

How Many Arcs Are There In Black Clover?

There are total 11 arcs in Black Clover.

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