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10+ Strongest Grimoire In Black Clover. RANKED!!

Today I’m going to talk about the Strongest Grimoire in Black Clover. Which among the many is the Most Powerful?

I challenge you to imagine the 3rd Strongest Grimoire in this list. Let’s see whether your calculation is in sync with mine!!

Ready? Let’s GOOO….


(12) Fire Magic Grimoire

The Vermillion family has the Fire Magic Grimoire! It’s simply fire, nothing special…Yes, Fire Magic Grimoire is powerful, but it has various weakness too! One interesting aspect about the Fire Magic Grimoire is the user has a personality like fire!

Mereoleona (Calidus Brachium Purgatory) Black Clover
Mereoleon Vermillion (Fire Magic Grimoire)

Keeping all things aside, Fire Magic Grimoire when used in its extreme can do some astonishing amount of damage. Mereoleona is just one example!

(11) Water Magic Grimore

Water Magic Grimoire is the “Dark Horse” Grimoire of Black Clover. Noelle is the only one who uses Water Magic Grimoire and since she is yet not that powerful, it’s hard to score it high. Rest assured, Water is one of the most durable and lethal element among all the 5 (Earth, Fire, Water, Space, Wind).

Noelle x Undine Black Clover
Noelle (Water Magic Grimoire)

I would say After Space and Wind, Water is probably the strongest! Acier Silva was quite powerful who was also the user of Water Magic Grimoire. I’m expecting Noelle to show that same (or even more) prowess too!

(10) Spatial Magic Grimore

Finral and Langris have Spatial Magic Grimoire but both have different qualities! Here I’m using Langris’ Grimoire as it has insane offensive capabilities! Why is Langris’ Grimoire particularly so powerful? Because he can erase anything from existence just with a wand of hand!

Langris (Archangel Shootdown) Black Clover
Langris (Spatial Magic Grimoire)

Heck, he erased Light Magic without breaking a sweat! No doubt, Langris has a nasty personality, but Grimoire has some broken powers!

(9) Dream Magic Grimore

Dorothy Unsworth has the Dream Magic Grimoire! Maybe that’s the reason she’s always asleep! The Dream Magic Grimoire traps the enemy into the dream world which is in another dimension!

Dorothy Unsworth Dream Magic Black Clover
Dorothy Unsworth (Dream Magic Grimoire)

Moreover then Dorothy has total control over the situation inside the Dream World. She can either trap her enemy forever in it, or she can outright kill them! She trapped Yami in it and even he had a hard time getting out of it!

(8) Wind Magic Grimore

We are alive because of the air we breath! Just imagine what could happen if a Wind Magic Grimoire user decides to suck all the air from atmosphere? It’ll be a catastrophe! Also Wind Magic is the most helpful form of magic that works with almost every form of magic…

Yuno (Spirit of Zephyr) Black Clover
Yuno (Wind Magic Grimoire)

Yuno sliced Zenon in his final form with the Wind Magic Grimoire. So, if this Grimiore can work efficiently against one of the most powerful Devils, then it can work on anyone!

(7) Memory Magic Grimore

Memory Magic has very little offensive application, but it has almost infinite defensive capabilities! I suppose you can subtly understand what Memory Magic Grimoire can do to its opponent? This Grimoire can meddle with anyone’s memory.

Memory Magic Black Clover
Marx (Memory Magic Grimoire)

Which include looking into their past experiences, deleting memory, and also corrupting them…How OP is that? Of course there must be a weakness to this Grimoire too, but the manga hasn’t revealed anything such!

(6) Kotodama Magic Grimore

Zagred had the Kotodama Magic! Kotodama Magic is also the most unique form of magic in the series. It works by simply manipulating the speech. Whatever Zagred said while using his Kotodama Magic Grimoire became a physical reality!

Black Clover Zagred
Zagred (Kotodama Magic Grimoire)

Kotodama Magic Grimoire could be an overpowered magic but got limited by its inability to kill someone! But, it’s powerful enough to severely injure the opponent which would cause death!

(5) Light Magic Grimore

Let there be Light! The most terrifying and irritating aspect of Light Magic is how fast it is! It’s basically light’s speed. What can you expect? The most useful aspect of Light Magic is that it can be used to create anything.

Patolli/Patry Black Clover
Patolli/Licht (Light Magic Grimoire)

Be it a sword made of light or a barrage of them, every attack from the Light Magic Grimoire is insanely lethal!

(4) Dark Magic Grimore

Dark Magic and Anti-Magic is the only two known abilities that successfully work against Devils. Here itself you can see that Dark Magic has a lead over the others! Dark Magic becomes even more unique if you accept that Anti-Magic is not exactly magic!

Yami Sukehiro
Yami (Dark Magic Grimoire)

This is the exact reason why Yami is given so much priority in the manga. He literally sliced Zagred’s heart for who knows how far! Non of the magic users were able to do it…

(3) Gravity Magic Grimore

Lucifero is the Devil behind Gravity Magic. And since Dante possessed Lucifero, he had the capability to manipulate Gravity! Gravity Magic is no doubt a terrifying power that works on everyone regardless of their strength.

Black Clover Dante
Dante (Gravity Magic Grimore)

There’s nothing you can do to bypass something which is Universal and present everyone. That’s Gravity Magic for you!

(2) Anti Magic Grimore

Anti-Magic is the most unique and peculiar form of magic in Black Clover. In fact it’s not even magic, but just the opposite of it! Asta’s Ant Magic Grimoire is capable of absorbing and negating any form of magic however powerful it is!

Asta (Black Asta) Black Clover
Asta & Liebe (Anti-Magic Grimoire)

I could have kept Anti-Magic at No.1 in this list but since it’s still not proven whether Anti-Magic can really beat Time Magic, I’m kept this in 2nd place (for now).

(1) Time Magic Grimoire

And the final one among all. The Time Magic Grimoire. There is no Grimoire powerful enough to topple the sheer battle prowess this thing contains! You can negate Gravity, but it becomes impossible to bypass time!

Time Magic Black Clover
Julius (Time Magic Grimore)

But what’s so special about the Time Magic Grimoire? It has the same Defensive capability as it has Offensive. And it performs the best in every platform!

Conclusion & FAQ

Are you still reading? Wow you’re the very few who really reach the end!

Well, now that you’ve reached the end, what do you think about this list? Did I perhaps miss something?

And yeah, did you pass the challenge and guessed the 3rd Strongest Grimoire correctly?

Which Is The Strongest Grimore In Black Clover?

Time Magic Grimore is the Strongest Grimore in Black Clover.

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