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Redo of Healer Episode 7 Release Date & Time

If Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero had a baby, then it would be Redo of Healer. This sentence might be hilarious, but after watching these many episodes, this seems more likely. It’s hard to compare the level of “Karma” element in this anime than any other. How far will anyone go to take a revenge? The community is divided between whether the way the events are shown is Humane or not? You have watched six Episodes till now, ask yourself? One thing to remember about “Being Human” or “Human Rights” when talking about Redo of Healer is that these concepts does not apply to a country run by a Feudal Lord. And, believe it or not, during the times of Feudalism, these things were a norm in a socially unjust Kingdom. Enough talk, let’s look into Redo of Healer Episode 7 Release Date, Time and some discussion.

Episode Recap


After abandoning Kingdom and running away with Freya, Keyaruga changed Lenard’s face with his to fool other people. But, as we know, this was eventually discovered and Lenard got a chance to take revenge.

By the looks of it, Lenard are almost driven mad and the only solution to this was taking the worst kind of revenge. But, this backfired brutally.

The famous phrase, “An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind,” is best fit for these types of situations. Keyaruga’s actions towards his fulfillment got many innocent villagers killed and women’s lives destroyed.

Though, our protagonist is winning in every situation, it seems that he has already encountered the real enemy. She is the sister of Freya, and someone to be feared about.

What’s problematic for the protagonist is that only she was able to read that Keyaruga has overcome his addiction. and this makes her the only person who can kill Keyaruga.

Release Date

Redo of Healer Episode 7 will release on Wednesday, January 24, 2021 at 06:30 (PDT). The preview of the next episode was not shown, but, as for Episode 6, we see that Keyaruga has taken his revenge against Lenard and now, has a new threat. With his first obstacle clear, let’s see how he tackles other upcoming threats.

Watch Redo of Healer

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