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My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

My Hero Academia is going through the most intense arc of the series and this is first time that we come to see how powerful of Nana Shimura, former One for All holder before All Might. As the chapters get released, we see how the War between The Heroes and Villains has taken a serious turn after Bakugo got seriously injured. With this let us look at My Hero Academia Chapter 288 Raw Scans and Spoilers.


  • Unknown Heroes at their Work
  • The Real Villains at Work
  • Uraraka vs Toga

In Comparison to Chapter 287, this Chapter is sort of a breather after what has happened in the last few chapters. But, let’s not just let this breather chapter sway us from what is going to happen. You can say that this chapter is the Silent Before the Storm. Let’s look into the Spoilers of Chapter 288.

Unknown Heroes at their Work:

The Leaked Scans start with an unknown hero in a Helicopter trying to reach somewhere as quick as possible and ordering the Pilot to fly faster.

Rumors are that this Hero could be Best Jeanist, since the Pilot request the unknown hero not to take it too hard, since, he is yet to recover from his injury.

Next we see many unknown Heroes busy saving as many citizen as possible and trying to cause the least damages.

The Real Villains at Work:

In the later-half of the panel we see Compress and Skeptic having a conversation while Skeptic using real-time Satellite images to keep and eye on the situation.

Toga and Dabi are also seen with Compressor and Skeptic.

Toga hints indirectly at her desire to fight Ochako and hence, she leaves to find her and Deku. In the previous Chapter also we saw that she wanted to talk with Deku and Ochako since she has taken a liking of Deku and also she wants to be like Ochako.

Uraraka vs Toga:

After Uraraka and Toga save citizen from the destruction, she sees Toga and goes after her. She is then found by Toga and is pinned down a bit. Toga says that she loves Deku and wants to be like Ochako, to which she says that she can nnever be like her.

In the end of the Panel we see that Ochako warning Toga that if she does not stop what she is doing, Ochako have to forcefully subdue her.

In the end of the Chapter we see something written that clearly indicates that the upcoming Chapter will be totally dedicated to Ochako vs Toga.

Is My Hero Academia on Break Next Week?

Yes, My Hero Academia is on a Break next week and this was announced by the unofficial Twitter Handle of Weekly Shonen Jump.

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