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List Of All Yonko In One Piece

The Yonko comes from the word “Yon” which means “Four.” In One Piece the Yonko are the most powerful Pirate Crew to exist. There have been many Pirate Crews in the past who were Yonko but resigned for some reason.

In this post I’ll list all the present and former Yonko in the series…Mind you that this list follows the power system of the Yonkos…

With this, let’s begin…

(1) Kaido (former)

A former member of the Rocks Pirates Kaido was the strongest being in One Piece. It’s funny to know but Kaido did try to kill him several times but failed! Before Luffy only Roger and Garp were able to beat the Rocks Pirates.

Kaido One Piece

Kaido created his own Crew named “Beasts Pirates” and became the Captain. By then until his defeated in Wano Arc Kaido has been a Yonko. I guess he wouldn’t care even if he wasn’t one. He would anyway plunder everything on his way…

(2) Whitebeard (former)

Whitebeard was the oldest Pirate alive in One Piece. It’s said that he was as strong as Roger and could have easily got to One Piece. But his only dream was to have a family! Looking at this immense strength and influence Whitebeard was announced a Yonko.

One Piece Whitebeard

And he remained a Yonko until the day of his death…

(3) Big Mom (former)

There is not much difference between Kaido and Big Mom. Both of them belonged to the Rocks Pirates…And as you already know by now both Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates were formed after Xebec was brought down.

Big Mom One Piece
Big Mom

What makes Big Mom Pirates terrifying is its size. They are HUGE! On top of that each and every member in the crew is immensely powerful. It was natural to include Big Mom Pirates into the Yonko list…

(4) Shanks

Now we are entering the present generation Yonkos. Shanks and his crew “Red Hair Pirates” are one of the most mysterious Pirates in manga right now. Almost nothing is known about their powers and motives.

Shanks RED One Piece

But we One Piece fans sure know that Shanks and Benn Beckman are insanely powerful. Shanks is supposed to have all three types of Haki, he clashed with Whitebeard, and how can we forget he stopped the War?

(5) Luffy

Luffy is an over achiever! He is probably the youngest person ever to become Yonko. It’s his absolute determination that he pushes through everything and achieves what he wants. Beating Kaido is one of them.

One Piece Samurai Luffy

In fact I would say that Luffy is the only one who followed a more “Humane” approach to become a Yonko. Now that he has become a Yonko his real journey will start now!

(6) Blackbeard

Ask any OP fan this: “Name 5 most hated One Piece character.” I can assure you that a large number of them would include Blackbeard in the list. He is an absolutely evil person who killed his own men to great access to devil fruit powers.

One Piece Blackbeard

He did the worst when he stole Whitebeard’s powers too in front of everyone. Though a wimp Blackbeard is immensely strong and resilient! In addition to having more than one Devil Fruit Powers he also has a crew of extremely powerful Pirates. His growing influence over the seas earned him the Yonko title…

(7) Buggy

Buggy is called “The Clown” for a reason! It’s a real surprise how he became a Yonko while being regularly humiliated by Crocodile and Mihawk…I guess Oda just wants to use him as a laughing stock in serious situations…

One Piece Buggy

The entire One Piece fandom made memes about Buggy after his Emperor reveal. Though I (we all are) making fun of him Buggy does have considerable intelligence to get past through complex situations! But does he deserve the “Emperor” tag? I doubt!

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