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Strongest Straw Hat Crew In One Piece. RANKED!

One Piece is incomplete without the Straw Hat Pirates and their journey to re-discover the One Piece. Luffy began his journey alone and now after 2 decades the Pirate crew has grown to 10 Pirates…

In this post I’ll list all Straw Hats Crew and their strength. You might already have an idea who’s going to be the weakest one!!

With this let’s begin:


(1) Luffy

Luffy is obviously the strongest in the Straw Hats Crew. On top of being the Captain he also has powers of arguably the most uncommon Devil Fruit. Yes, he is weak against water and sea stone but in usual situations he is pretty much unbeatable!

One Piece Luffy 4th Gear

An another thing that is common with Luffy is his immense determination. In any situation he never gives up and somehow manages to win. He sure had mental breakdown before the time-skip, when he was inexperienced. What happened after that is history!

(2) Zoro

There’s always fierce battle going on in One Piece community about whether Zoro is stronger than Luffy. While you can say that Luffy’s worst weakness is water and sea stone, there’s pretty much nothing that can pin him down. On the other hand Zoro has raw power. He does not have any Devil Fruit powers…

One Piece Zoro Takes Luffy's Pain

It’s all immense hard work. The Wano Arc has proven that Zoro is weaker than Luffy. He not only missed to land few attacks on Kaido, but also collapsed in the end. Luffy collapsed not once but various times before landing the final blow….

I short Zoro may be stronger than Luffy at some moments, in the long run he will lose against Luffy’s immense stamina.

(3) Jinbei

Jinbei is the newest member of the Straw Hats. He is probably the most experienced in the crew and the only member to have experience as a Pirate Crew captain. Remember? Jinbei was the Captain of the Sun Pirates… Being a Fish-Man Jinbei has insane physical strength. And when he is water his strength increase 10 fold.

One Piece Jinbei

Luffy probably trusts Jinbei with his life like he does with Zoro. We One Piece fans are always delighted to listen this line: “Fish-Man Karate.”

(4) Sanji

I think Sanji is the strongest chef in One Piece Universe…His kicks are strong enough to bury a hole in anyone’s body…If I go with the bounty, then he is almost as strong as Zoro. But for some reason he lacks the same intensity as Zoro in real-life battles.

One Piece Sanji

Both Luffy and Zoro have awakened their inner powers. I wonder when will Sanji awaken his! Maybe when Nami will fall into a life/death situation, then he’ll awaken something that will surpass Zoro for a short moment of time…

(5) Nami

Nami is one of the most beautiful female character in One Piece. Good thing is that she is not just beautiful but also intelligent. Unlike Luffy and other men in the crew Nami’s technique require quick calculations and thinking…

Nami One Piece Beautiful

Many fans say that Robin is more powerful than Nami, but I doubt. Of course, Nami is heavily dependent on her metal stick, but with every battle she gains some extra abilities and powers.

(6) Robin

There’s a major issue with Robin’s powers. Every time she uses the same technique, in every situation! It works, but a strong opponent can easily overwhelm her large hands with extra effort. This is the only reason I’ve ranked her lower than Nami.

Nico Robin One Piece

Also, her body is directly harmed if an enemy harms her large hands….Isn’t it a major drawback against a large group of enemies?

(7) Brook

Lately Brook hasn’t done much in the manga. I have seen him fighting against weak an unknown enemies but that’s all. He never fights any strong enemies. There can be two basic reason. Either he is weak, or Oda is saving him for the final battle…

Brook One Piece

Anyway, Brook is averagely powerful and most of his role in the series is as a comedian who only wants to take a peek at Nami’s pants…

(8) Franky

You cannot expect Franky to be a strong fighter. He is a shipwright who has knowledge about ships at par with anyone. Of course being a Pirate he does fight against enemies, but never in his usual form.

Franky One Piece

for example: he unleashed “General Franky” to fight against a stronger enemy. You can say that both Brook and Franky have pretty much the same role in the story. They are the “side-characters” in the crew.

(9) Usopp

Usopp’s techniques are not meant to be used in brute force situations. He is tactical and his attacks are subtle but dangerous. Even in the Wano Arc, Usopp didn’t participate with Luffy but he did major damage to the Beasts Pirates. How? He fed everyone Otama’s Kibi Dango…I guess you know what happened after that!

Usopp One Piece

The manga still hasn’t revealed whether Usopp has the same powers as his dad Yasopp, but if his dad is strong Usopp will be strong too in the future. Unfortunately Usopp is the weak against physical attacks can cannot handle catastrophic damage. The image above proves it!

(10) Chopper

With a “colossal” 1000 Berry bounty, Chopper is undoubtedly the weakest character in the Straw Hat Pirates. But wait, he is only weak when in his “smol” form. His overall power increases a LOT after eating a “Rumble Ball.” In that state he was able to fight Queen and pin him down.

One Piece Chopper

So, you can say that in his usual form Chopper is the weakest, but after Rumble Ball he is easily stronger than Franky and Brook.

Do let me know what’d you view on this list…

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