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One Piece Episode 960 Release Date & Time

As we are approaching the Great Wano War, little bits of information are slowly revealed. And undeniably, Episode 959 was one of the most important among them. We came to see Oden’s days with Roger Pirates. What was more interesting in Episode 959 was that young Shanks and Buggy were shown too. With this, let’s look into One Piece Episode 960 Release Date, Time and some Discussion.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 960 will Release on Saturday, January 30 at 4:30 PM (PDT). The name of next Episode is “The Number-One Samurai in the Land of Wano! Here comes Kozuki Oden!

Slogans such as these fill the heart with so much enthusiasm and energy. It rings a bell about the upcoming major events that will turn-up the heat.

Episode Discussion

Oden’s Prophecy

In the past episodes, we learned that, Oden was, for some time in Roger’s Ship, working as one of his Pirates. And, the episode begins with the time, 20 years ago, when Roger was roaming around the Ocean. Scenes such as these are a treat for anyone who has been watching One Piece for a long-time, since, it’s extremely rare to see Roger in action.

Keeping aside Roger’s presence, one person was also there in the same ship with Roger, Kozuki Oden. Though the whole scene was not very long, some major revelation were made.

Oden’s prophecy that in the next 20 years the next generation will come and change everything.

Other thing to notice was Kid Shanks and Kid Buggy. It’s hard to compare the present Shanks with what he was 20 years ago, but, Buggy unfortunately is the same. In fact, the Phrase, “Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise,” fits in perfectly with Buggy.

Lost Even Before a Fight?

Coming back to the Wano Country. The Fire Festival is at full swing, and, taking this opportunity of low security, the Red Scabbards and other Samurais have hatched a plan to riot Kaido’s place and take back their Country.

But, when Mother Nature roars, there is no one to silent her, or win her. And, the same thing happened with them. Even before setting off for sail, the Red Scabbards stand devastated. The harbor is empty with no ships, and also no response from the entire crew.

What worse could have happened? But, these are THE Samurais who directly worked under Oden, and “Giving-Up” was never an option. Kinemon decides to keep moving even though there was just a slight chance he would survive.

That’s the Spirit.

Zoro Masters Enma

Coming back to Luffy’s crew and their preparation. In past episodes, we saw how Luffy has mastered Ryuo, and it was only Zoro who was left to master Enma. In Episode 960, we see Zoro consciously using Enma and yet again, cutting a major chunk of a mountain.

That’s some terrifying power he has got. Wonder how Kaido will tackle all these.

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