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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 151 Spoilers

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most loved series at present adding millions of readers worldwide within a very short period of time. And, to be honest, this series does deserve this honor.

We have complete 150th chapter, and whoever watched the anime does know how drastically things have changed since the Shibuya arc started.

Many characters have died, some sorcerers have lost their ability, and millions of people are dead. If this wasn’t enough, Geto has unleashed a flood of ancient cursed spirits. These cursed spirits are too OP for an average sorcerer, and Gojo is still trapped.

I cannot imagine any more worse situation than this for the Sorcerers. Chapter 151 Spoilers will reveal the fight between Naoya and Maki.

Chapter 150 Recap

Compared to other chapter spoilers, the spoilers of Chapter 150 were too vague to understand the situation at whole. And, now that the official chapter is out, it’s nothing but mayhem for the Zenin clan.

It seems Ogi has really done a mistake by throwing Maki and Mai into the pit to die. This decision not only killed him, but is now killing almost every member of the clan.

After Ogi’s death, we knew that it was either Naoya or Jinichi who was going to die, and the speculations were accurate.

After getting the news that Maki has gone wild, and is ravaging everything she could find, Ranta has alerted both Naoya and Jinichi.

And, what could have happened after that? Loads of Zenin rushed to stop her by force. And the result? All dead. Not a single one lived. The final three standing were Jinichi, Ranta and Naoya. Naoya was observing everything unfolding.

Though Ranta tried his best to stop Maki with his technique, it was futile. Jinichi, on the other hand thought to take Maki’s position as an advantage and attack her. But, here too the result was something that even Naoya couldn’t have expected.

The fight between Maki and Jinichi ended in a flash and Jinichi disgracefully fell. Rante, on the other hand though that it was Jinichi who had won. It’s was not clear whether he went down too, but, he surely has lost his both eyes.

Chapter 151 will be on hell of a chapter once again. Maki going against Naoya? That’s like a child deciding to fight against their father. But, we also shouldn’t underestimate her. Zenin clan is about to collapse, and only one person is responsible for it.


The Spoilers are out. The fight between Maki and Naoya takes and interesting turn:

  • Battle starts between Maki and Naoya Zenin.
  • Naoya’s ability is same as his dad, Naobito Zenin.
  • In the beginning Naoya has an upper hand because he is a Speed type and Maki is more Power type.
  • On top of it, Maki is not only tired after so many fights, she also doesn’t have any knowledge about Naoya’s Cursed Technique.
  • But, Maki has unlocked “Perfect Heavenly Restriction” like Toji, and after some time she gets used to Naoya’s insane speed.
  • After seeing this, Naoya admires Toji Zenin.
  • The fight ends with Naoya getting knocked out by Maki with just one punch on the face.

Chapter 150 Spoilers just came out. Hence, we’ll have to wait few days before more spoilers come out.
After her beloved sister’s death, Maki is on a rampage. It’s hard to recognize that it’s the same Maki we saw before the Shibuya arc begun. The best word to describe her at present is “Badass.”

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