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Full Dive Episode 10 Release & Discussion

We are almost at the end of the season and now Reona is showing her skills. From the very beginning of the first episode, the community was divided between lovers of Hiro-Reona duo and haters, or more specifically “dislikers?”

But, after 9 episodes, it feels quite satisfying to see a little bit development in the series. But, isn’t it too late to see such development? This is not a 24 episodes anime season, and we have reached only the training arc, that too, in all of the episodes the protagonist Hiro showcases his inability to handle to situations.

Well, even though some events in Full Dive pushes us to get enraged, this has got a lot of potential. It’s only the beginning and hence maybe Hiro needs some time to pick himself up.

The way this season is ending, I won’t be surprised if Season 2 is also announced at the end episode.

With this, let’s look into Full Dive Episode 10 Release & Discussion.

Episode 9 Recap

The shortest and the best way to describe this episode is, “Devil’s Satisfaction.”

Hiro was terribly bullied by the two newcomers. The reason was only that they were strong. And since he has no battle experience Hiro had no option but to back off or get beaten.

It’s surprising how less Reona did when Hiro was getting bullied for no reason. Not only that, other soldiers were also ignorant about their comrade getting bullied daily.

But, finally Reona decided to take some “cruel” steps to clear Hiro’s path. And, the things she did to Granada, the prime suspect of the bullying, was satisfying in the beginning, but after sometime, the whole situation became very mercyful.

The intensity at which Granada was bullied pushed him to leave his training and return home. He had lost almost everything. His beloved shoes which his grandmother made for him. His beloved sword too. If this wasn’t enough, he was also accused of stealing pants and hiding it in his bag.

After Reona’s wrath on Granada, she goes after the teacher of the soldiers. He payed the price of not only avoiding Hiro, but also took a blind eye when Hiro was getting bullied.

His end was crueler too. He was discharged from his duties. That’s the most humiliating and painful punishment a soldier can receive.

In conclusion, this episode was full of revenge and retribution from the “ungrateful fairy.”

Now, less that 3 episodes are left, and I’ve a feeling Reona will reveal something important to Hiro in episode 10.

Release Date

New episodes of Full Dive are released every Wednesday. Episode 10 will release on June 9, at 6:30 AM(PDT). The preview was not shown, but the ending indicated that Reona may reveal something important to Hiro.

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