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Black Clover Chapter 295 Spoilers Leaks

One of the three Dark Triads have been defeated. And, who was the guy to defeat him? Not Asta but Magna.

In this whole war, it’s Magna’s development that has optimistically surprised us. Even I was worried as both Magna and Zora hadn’t entered the war even though a lot already happened.

But, the finishing move was given by Zack. It’s really remarkable how intense of a hatred Dante had. Even after getting knocked out pretty hard, he had the guts to rise again and attack.

But, as frail he has become, Dante was finally finished by Zack in just one slash.

Well, now that Dante is now, next is Vanica. But, the problem here is that Vanica is not only unleashing her wrath, she is now also controlling Lolopechika. Black Clover Chapter 295 will reveal how much has Noelle grown.

Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 295 will officially release on June 6th. But, rest assured, the spoilers will be available 2-3 days before the official release.

Chapter 294 Recap

Chapter starts with Magna accepting his win and Zora congratulating him. But, we all wanted to see how Luck would react to this win.

Asta, as expected, was overjoyed after seeing his senpai wreck havoc against the most powerful person alive. Magna also didn’t hesitate to receive all the gift of praise from his junior.

Luck considers Magna his best friend, and hence Luck’s interaction with Magna covered an entire panel with Luck looking forward to fight Magna in the future and defeat him.

But, Magna is still learning to fight and he didn’t consider to look whether Dante was really dead or not. And, as expected, this guy is still not ready to die even when everything has been taken from him.

But, Jack knew that something like this would surely happen. And, he waited for Dante to try to recover from his injury. What happened between Dante and Jack wasn’t revealed clearly, but, given the frail condition of Dante, Jack much have ripped him apart.

Then we move on to a brief panel where we see that the Demons are still entering the Human Realm and after Dante’s defeat, the intensity has increased.

The central pillar of the Dark Triads is down and now it’s Vanica’s chance. Charlotte is struggling to bring Vanica down, and every method she uses is overcome by Vanica’s Devil powers.

What’s worse is that Vanica’s curse on Lolopechika has taken a terrifying form. Lolopechika is in total control of Vanica’s curse. In simple words, Vanica is using Lolopechika as her puppet to emotionally hinder everyone from Heart Kingdom.

Chapter ends with Gaja and Noelle entering the battlefield with Gaja capturing Lolopechika and Noelle openly challenging Vanica for a fight.

Again, great pieces of chapters are coming, and now, we will see really how powerful is Gaja and Noelle.


The Spoilers are here:

  • Chapter title is: “Revenge Match.”
  • Chapters starts with Noelle summoning Undine as she is now qualified to be a water spirit host.
  • After a little chat between the two, Undine and Noelle form a pact to save Lolopechika and defeat Vanica.
  • Lolopechika is seen crying.
  • Noelle transform into a new form, “Spirit Dive.”
  • Chapter ends with Noelle getting ready to go against Vanica.

Black Clover Chapter 295 will official release on June 6th. Hence, there is only 2 days left before the Spoilers arrive.

Speculations are arising about Gaja’s status. Many are indicating a death flag. I hope this doesn’t happen.

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