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My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Spoilers

The battle between Deku and Nagant is on full swing. Such an irony that one is the future No.1 Hero, and the other is a fugitive who was once loved as a Hero.

Keeping this irony aside, in this raging battle between the two, we finally learn Lady Nagant’s past, and to why did she suddenly become a fugitive.

In every “Super Hero” manga, this is the most common thing. A great Hero becomes a Villain because he thinks what the Heroes are doing is wrong.

But, honestly, a Hero is always on the Gray side of life. While on the other hand, a Villain always operates on a self-made principle which mostly consist of harming not only the Heroes, but also innocent lives.

Well, while AFO is hell-bent on getting his powers back, this the best chance Deku has to finally finish AFO and his team. and, My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Spoilers will reveal more about how far we are from the moment.

Chapter 314 Recap

Shifting our focus from Lady Nagant to Deku, one thing is pretty remarkable. Deku has really learned a lot from the war he participated in. If a Villain tries to go against him thinking that he is just a child Hero, then they are going to get some good beating.

Even Nagant was impressed by how quick is Deku’s reaction. Fortunately, Deku already had slight information about a certain lady who could be a headache if she comes for him.

Most part of the chapter covers Nagant’s flashback. As to how she become the person she is now. It seems back in her day, Nagant was quite a respected Hero who got most of the missions because of her unique quirk.

But, her quirk was exploited to the point where she was almost traumatized. Hence, being a top-notch Hero, it was her responsibility to ask her commander whether what they were doing was right?

Here’s also one cliche from a typical Hero manga or any series for that matter:

When a Hero asks “funny questions,” like, “Are you doing this right?” or something like, “Is killing them really important?” Then the one being questioned must become cautious. And, rather than threatening the Hero, he/she must only answer the damn question.

When Nagant asked this question to her leader, he answered her with a threat. What was the result? History!

If this was some other Villain, then by now Deku would have caught them. But, the one he is countering is not only blessed with AFO’s quirk but is also a former expert Hero.

To divert Deku’s focus, she pointed her gun towards Chisaki(Overhaul).

Maybe she won’t shoot, but, Deku is emotional and may end-up saving Chisaki from Nagant’s bullet.

Don’t forget this. Lady Nagant is not a cruel Villain like AFO or others, she just want a balanced society and she thinks that AFO can provide it better than the Heroes.
I will be a bit sad when she realizes the abyss she is throwing herself in.


The Spoilers are here, and we learn more about how Lady Nagant really is:

  • Chapter 315 title is, “The Beautiful Words.”
  • Chapter starts with Nagant’s and Overhaul’s flashback while they were getting ready to go against Deku.
  • Overhaul says that he knows the boy and will help her identify, but on one condition. If she can take him to the boss after everything is over.
  • Back to the present day. Overhaul is screaming at Nagant as he has already completed his task.
  • In the meantime Nagant aims her gun at Overhaul and says that she have to increase bullet speed even though she has to sacrifice accuracy.
  • She thought that Deku would hesitate to let go off her and save Chisaki. She fires the bullet, and sees that Deku has already made his move while she pointed her gun.
  • The Third Quirk is revealed. It accumulates Kinetic Energy through repeated movements of a specific body and releases it in impluse.
  • In this case, it’s Deku’s legs.
  • Deku saves Overhaul before Nagant’s bullet hits him.
  • Lady is not only impressed by Deku’s speed, but also that he saved Chisaki who is a Villain too.
  • Deku prepares to attack Lady, and the Third User appears. A short chat happens between Deku and the Third User.
  • Lady Nagant is seen free-falling while thinking about Deku’s natural instinct to save someone.
  • Deku doesn’t let her fall, and after saving her, he says that the bullet she fired wasn’t pointed toward Chisaki. She still has the heart of Hero.
  • Lady responds to this with a genuine smile. But, while she was going to say something to Deku, her body began to crack and explode.
  • Final panels switches to AFO saying that he knew that people’s heart are “fluid,” hence, he was fully prepared when she breached the contract.
  • He felt pity(an evil one) for Lady Nagant as she was being used by other people until the end. But, if she wants to blame someone, then it must be that great quirk of hers.
  • Chapter ends with Hawks’ feathers flying around while holding Nagant mid-air.

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 was just released. As of now there are extremely limited spoilers available on the internet, that too, either fake or fan-made.

Hence, we’ll have to wait for some time before the official Spoilers start to arrive. I’m trying my best to put together any information regarding the next chapter updates.

Stay Tuned!!

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