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Top 20 Sexiest Bleach Waifu Of All Time. RANKED!!

Who is the Best Waifu in Bleach? In short, who is the most Beautiful Female Character in Bleach? Is it Orihime? Nel? Who is it?

Well, in this post, we will look at the list of the most beautiful woman in Bleach!

Let’s GOO…


Best Bleach Waifu List

Below are the best woman in Bleach:

Bambietta Basterbine

She is the only Quincy in this list of the most beautiful female characters. If we keep aside her toxic and destructive personality, Bambietta is pretty attractive. Especially when she wears the army uniform.

Bambietta Basterbine Bleach
Bambietta Basterbine

We didn’t get to see her much because was a villain and got eliminated pretty quickly.

Ikumi Unagiya

Ikumi is one of the earliest female characters in Bleach. She is Kaoru’s mom and probably see Ichigo as her younger brother. For a married woman, Ikumi is pretty beautiful and looks attractive.

Ikumi Bleach

Since she is a mother, her caring attitude makes her more beautiful than she usually looks like.


Rukia also has a tomboyish personality like Yoruichi. But, what she doesn’t want to show is her caring attitude towards everyone, especially for someone who she finds close.

Rukia Bankai Bleach

She is married to Renji in the time-skip and also has a kid. Surprisingly, Rukia looks more beautiful in the time-skip than she looked before. Maybe because of her hairstyle.


Isane is not too beautiful, but she has adapted some of Unohana’s personality, and that proves her dedication. She is visibly acts more matured in her everyday life.


Her hairstyle is also one of the major factor of her beauty! Surprisingly, she changed her hairstyle after time-skip and was recognizable!

Kūkaku Shiba

A strict but loving “one-san” is what most younger siblings would love to have. And Kukaku is one of them…

Kukaku Shiba Bleach
Kukaku Shiba

Though she is not a Shinigami, but her explosive making skills are fantastic. What’s interesting is that she also played important role in the “Thousand Year Blood War Arc.”

Her personality matches pretty close to Yoruichi…

Yuyu Yayahara

Yuyu is the epitome of “don’t care” attitude. She is highly skilled, powerful and also sexy! She is probably the first “gyaru” Soul Hunter and also the first gyaru in Bleach.

Yuyu Yayahara Bleach
Yuyu Yayahara

If I’m not wrong, her looks are pretty similar to Nagatoro, and her personality matches as well! Isn’t it?

Lisa Yadōmaru

If you love carefree woman, then Lisa must be your best waifu. She is calm even in the most complex and stressful situation. Her sword skills are also remarkable…

Lisa Yadomaru Bleach
Lisa Yadomaru

She is one of the Soul Hunters I want to see if Bleach ever resumes. Heck she was powerful enough to fight Ichigo…

Nanao Ise

Personally speaking, I love woman who wear glasses! They look attractive for some mysterious reasons. And in this case Nanao is probably the one female soul hunter other than Lisa who wear glasses.

Nanao Ise Bleach
Nanao Ise

She also has a great body making her even more sexier! What’s you take on her? Do you like Nanao?


Tite Kubo hit the nail absolutely right when he commented this about Unohana: “Genuine Elegance.” She and Senjumaru is the one two female character in Bleach who are really worthy to be called woman.

Unohana Bankai Bleach

And Unohana takes being a Lady to different level. She is calm with her looks, talk, body language, and everything you can think of. And of course, she was perfectly suited as a healer.

Senjumaru Shutara

Senjumaru is one fine looking woman. Just look at her eyes. If those two eyes didn’t allure you towards her I don’t know what will.

Senjumaru Shutara Bleach
Senjumaru Shutara

I would say that she is the only “alpha-female” in Bleach. Any woman would need pretty hard and strict training to reach her level of elegance!


Stupidity aside, Hinamori is one beautiful and cute woman. Unfortunately, she received immense hate for her dedication towards Aizen.

Hinamori Bleach

She grew-up to become even more beautiful after the time-skip, but she couldn’t get rid of that “kid face” of her. If Tite Kube resumes Bleach again, it’ll interesting to see her growth not just as a woman, but also as a Soul Reaper.

Sui Feng

Sui Feng considers Yoruichi as her master, and hence she has mirrored her personality just like her. Just like Yoruichi, Sui Feng is also fierce and has a powerful vibe about her!

Sui Feng Bleach
Sui Feng

Her piercing eyes is to die for, and thankfully the hairstyle suits her pretty good…

Kirio Hikigune

Kirio Hikigune is one voluptuous woman and also one of the most loved female characters in Bleach. But it’s seldom we see her in this form…

Kirio Hikigune Bleach
Kirio Hikigune

I’m eager to learn how she will be represented in the anime…


Yoruichi is one of the fastest characters in Bleach, and probably the fastest female character in the series. She is the most open-minded and fierce character too which makes her HOT!

Yoruichi Bleach

She retained her beauty even after the time-skip. I’ve observed one thing that dark-skinned characters are way more sexier. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yuzu Kurosaki

Unlike her sister Marin who is a tomboy, Yuzu is a perfect feminine. She is the only one among the three siblings who have full inherited their mother’s personality.

Yuzu Kurosaki Bleach
Yuzu Kurosaki

Even though we couldn’t see Yuzu as an adult in the manga, she will surely be beautiful as a grown-up. She will also be a great mother…

Karin Kurosaki

Karin is one beautiful girl. She Ichigo’s sister, and you see that her face matches with him. She inherits some of her mother’s beautiful too.

Karin Kurosaki Bleach
Karin Kurosaki

Fans were shocked to see how beautiful she has become after the time-skip. I’m sure her beautiful will blossom even more as she grows up.

Masaki Kurosaki

Masaki was Ichigo’s mother. She was a gracious woman who carried grace until the moment she died. Her personality was pretty similar to Orihime….

Masaki Kurosaki Bleach

The anime has only shown the grown-up Masaki, but she was also beautiful when young. Interestingly, she met Ichigo’s dad just because of her kindness.


Matsumoto is an “One-san” material. Even though she isn’t as skilled as most soul hunters, she carries a certain aura with her. And of course, she is quite beautiful thanks to her blonde hair.

Matsumoto Bleach

In fact she has such fan-following that the anime has some filler episodes dedicated to her…


How can we forget Orihime. She is the lead female character in Bleach and also the future wife of Ichigo. Though some hate her for her lame personality and compare her to Sakura (Naruto), she is quite beautiful.

Orihime Bleach

Intelligence aside, she is mentally quite matured and also wants to help others. And that makes her even more beautiful!


Nel is the cutest among all female character in Bleach. And she becomes even more beautiful and alluring when her body grows up…To top it off, she is also way more powerful than most Soul Hunter.

Nel Bleach

Unfortunately, we don’t always see Nel in her adult form. But when she transforms everyone’s attention constantly shifts to her!

Conclusion & FAQ

Who Is The Most Beautiful Female Character In Bleach?

Orihime and Nel are the most Beautiful Female Character in Bleach.

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