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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Characters In Attack On Titan

Who is the Most Beautiful Female Character in Attack on Titan? I suppose you already have a vague image of the girl you love the most. And probably the fanbase loves them too!

So, in this post, I’ll list down Top 10 most beautiful Female Characters in AOT…

Let’s Begin…

(1) Historia Reiss

Historia is unarguably the most beautiful female character in Attack on Titan…It’s not just her looks that makes her a beauty, but her ladylike personality. And also for some reason woman with golden hair look more beautiful in manga…

Historia Reiss Attack on Titan
Historia Reiss

She is soft-spoken and has a motherly nature. Best suited for a Queen. Fortunately, she survived till the last of the manga…

(2) Mikasa Ackermann

Mikasa too had a ladylike personality but always kept it hidden. She had an obvious inclination towards Eren and would not decline to marry him if things ended-up in good note…

Mikasa Ackermann Attack on Titan
Mikasa Ackermann

I would say she was more gentle and loving in the earlier parts of the manga, but became more “military-like” after time time-skip.

(3) Annie Leonhart

If I keep aside all the atrocities Annie did in the manga, she is quite look looking. Especially because of her hair. It suits her face and physic. Annie’s stoic presence also gave her a mysterious vibe…

Annie Leonhart Attack on Titan
Annie Leonhart

In fact she despite what she did in the manga, Annie had an enormous fanbase in AOT community and also some community pages specially dedicated to her. Talk about dedication.

(4) Hange Zoë

I personally liked her. She was like the shining star in the midst of a dark night. Hange was not only a genius military tactician, but also had a subtle “lady” vibe that made her sexy…

Hange Zoë Attack on Titan
Hange Zoë

She was also an extrovert unlike most other woman in the manga…What’s your view on Hange?

(5) Pieck Finger

I’m not gonna lie. Pieck is the sexiest woman in Attack on Titan. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. A major portion of the fanbase thinks this. Some say it’s because of her clumsy hair, and some argue about her gentle eyes.

Pieck Finger Attack on Titan
Pieck Finger

Surprisingly, the titan she transforms into, Cart Titan, looks so ridiculous and ugly. A perfect contrast to her looks. Be honest, what do you think about Pieck?

(6) Hitch Dreyse

Hitch had a nasty attitude towards everyone, but she also cared for her friends. She looked quite good before the time-skip, but missed the “lady-like” aura. The time-skip did wonders to her looks…

Hitch Dreyse Attack on Titan
Hitch Dreyse

She looked way more classy and respectable than many men in that military outfit…Though she survived, AOT creator Isayama never talked about who she ended-up with…

(7) Sasha Braus

Hange and Sasha were the only woman in the manga who had an extroverted personality. In fact Sasha wasn’t THAT good looking but her bubbly attitude made her look beautiful.

Sasha Blouse Attack on Titan
Sasha Braus

I wonder who would she end-up with if she lived?

(8) Carla Jaeger

Every mother is fierce yet compassionate when it comes to her child. And Carla was no exception! She loved her son Eren deeply, and happily gave her life to protect him when the Titans attacked.

Carla Yeager Attack on Titan
Carla Jaeger

As you can see in the above image, Eren inherited quite a lot of facial appearance from his mom Carla. She had humble and warm personality towards everyone… And this is what made her immensely beautiful.

(9) Ymir

Don’t confuse this Ymir with Ymir Fritz. She had inclination towards Historia and wanted her to keep safe..She was beautiful enough when compared to other woman in the manga…

Ymir Attack on Titan

On top of that, she had a beautiful heart and have her life to protect Historia…I feel she had more potential but Isayama didn’t feel the same…

(10) Yelena

I don’t know what should I focus on? Should I focus on her intelligence or her madness? She sure was good looking when compared to other female characters but was too obsessed with her mission. She was mysterious from the very beginning when she made appearance.

Yelena Attack on Titan

Her popularity (as a waifu) dropped sharply after she glared her eyes at Armin. The internet went crazy with that face and countless memes were created…A bad ending for a woman who had potential…

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