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Solo Leveling 135 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked.

Sung Jin-Woo has reached Japan, and, the scene over there is a horror. Countless people have lost their lives and only few of the many Giant Monster are down. It’s for sure that if Sung Jin-Woo didn’t intervene, Japan would soon turn into a death ground. And, as soon as he landed in Japan, he went into action. Solo Leveling Chapter 134 was and absolute treat for anyone who wanted to watch Jin-Woo go all-out. With this, let’s look into Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Spoilers and other Leaks.

Release Date

Solo Leveling is a weekly Manhua and Chaper 135 will be released on Wednesday,13 January. There is no preview of the next chapter, only that from now on, Jin-Woo will enter the battle himself.


Spoilers are here:

  • After Jin-Woo reaches Japan, he quickly exterminates Nakatsugawa, Nagoya, Shizouka and Takayama.
  • The Japanese association are in a sate of shock as to how can a single person be so powerful.
  • After the Giants are killed, her raises 6 of them.
  • More Gates are opening in Japan is response to the S-Class Gate.
  • 7 Days have passed since the raid, and it is seen that S-Class Hunters have arrived from all around the World.
  • In a total of 16 S-Rank Hunter, 3 are dead.
  • After most of the Giants are dead, only one stands and he is the real threat. All the S-Class Hunters join, and Jin-Woo summons his Shadow Army.
  • The Chapter ends with Jin-Woo commanding his Shadow Army to charge.

Discussion [Pre-Release]

Iron Is On A Roll

Iron has always been the entertainer among all the shadows. But, Lately Beru is also joining the comedy gang. Whenever Iron is introduced in a battle scenario, he tries to gain attention by going overboard and defeating enemies.

Here in Japan too, when Igris tries to save a girl from one of the Giant Monsters, Iron intervenes and kills it. But, what follows after that is a smirking face to Igris, indirectly telling him that he is also into the game and should not be ignored.

Even Jin-Woo accepts that Iron is going all-out after his upgrade and sighs away. This contradicts the past of Iron and how he was acquired after one of the Hunter were killed in a Red Gate.

Will Jin-Woo Control the Giants?

What makes Jin-Woo a terrifying opponent is his ability to summon shadow warriors and also control a new shadow after killing anyone. Even if he kills a Human, he can control its shadow, example is Iron.

And, when there is a large scale war or battle, Jin-Woo has a great chance to increase his ability to sky heights. We should not forget that his first major upgrade was when he defeated Beru and went on to control a large number of Ant Warriors.

Here in Japan too, Jin-Woo has a great chance to defeat the Giant Monsters and use them as his own army. And, the last panel of Chapter 134 indicates that something like that may happen.

Looking closely in the ending panels of Chapter 134, we see Jin-Woo saying that “it’s time to get serious,” and in front of him lies a dead Giant. It’s almost confirmed that he will summon the Giants and Beru too.

Things are getting quite exciting as the Manhua has entered a new arc. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming chapters.

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