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Black Clover Episode 160 Release Date & Time

After the release of Episode 158, it feels as if Black Clover has taken rebirth. The quality of animation and on top of it, upgraded characters are something that we were waiting since long time. There is a reason why the latest episodes feels different and the animation team are pushing for better animation. The war against Spade Kingdom is about to begin and this is, by far the most intense arc Black Clover series. It’s essential that Spade Kingdom must be defeated, and, if they win the World is finished. Enough talk let’s look into Black Clover Episode 160 Release Date & Time.

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 159 will Release at 1:25 AM(PDT) on Tuesday, January 19. The name of the next Episode is “The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom.”

Episode 159 Discussion

Charmy’s Wise Words

Ever wondered how did Charmy got her name? I think it’s the short form of “Charming.” Though, in her chibi mode, she is more of a cute person. But, when she gets serious, her entire persona changes. She becomes a beautiful lady with immense powers.

But, it’s rare to see her reaching that state. The only time we saw her getting real serious was during the Elf Arc. Rill being the Captain of Aqua Deer, was powerful enough, and, after he was possessed by an elf, his power increased substantially.

And the person to fight him was Charmy. She was able to defeat Rill in his Elf form, and, if you recall, Asta was also present witnessing the scene. Before Charmy unleashed her full power, Asta was picking up some dangerous Ki. Later it was found out that it was coming out from Charmy and her new awakened Beast.

But, in her usual form, we can consider Charmy a “Gluttony Queen” as most of the time she is eating. In Chapter 159, we saw what she has made herself into. And, if that wasn’t enough, this is the “Wise Words” from her:

We don’t Eat to Live, We Live to Eat.”

Well! that’s some Wise Words coming from Charming Charmy. Fan community is enjoying this by making a meme of Charmy in her plump form. If you’re interest, just google “Charmy’s Wise Words.”

Yuno’s Past Revealed

Black Clover started with Yuno and Asta being left behind outside of a church. But, we never came to know where they came from. After 158 Episodes of mystery, it is revealed where does Yuno belong to.

Who is Yuno’s Father?

Yuno’s father was the King of Spade Kingdom before the arrival of the Three Dark Triads. Yuno’s father name is “Ciel,” and as the messenger from Spade Kingdom said, he was a humble person with positive outlook. Lord Ciel was in no way similar to the Dark Triads.

Is Yuno Prince of Spade Kingdom?

Yes, the unnamed messenger from the Spade Kingdom revealed that Yuno was in fact the son of Ciel, and hence, the Prince of Spade Kingdom. Now we know, why does Yuno have an aura about him, and why did he received the 4-leaf clover.

Will Yuno Become King of Spade Kingdom?

Now that it is revealed that Yuno is the Prince of Spade Kingdom, it’s highly likely that Yuno may, in future become the King of Spade Kingdom and continue his father’s legacy. But, if this happens then this will contradict with his goal of becoming the Wizard King. For that we’ll have to wait for Black Clover Finale.

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