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One Piece 996 Spoilers, Raw Scans.

The turbulent Wano Arc has began and the War is at full swing. Major events happened and we learned a lot about the past of Kaido and Wano Country. Another drastic even in One Piece was when Orochi got killed by Kaido. Since the War has began we hope to see even more events that will shock us. With this let’s look into the One Piece Chapter 995 Spoilers.


One Piece Chapter 996 Spoilers are out

  • Name of the Chapter is “The Island of the Strongest.”
  • Tama and Komchiyo takes Usopp and Nami. Nami asks Tama about how she came here!
  • Tama says “In an Enemy Ship”
  • Yamato will battle against Sasaki. Then, Yamato is seen transforming into something like a Dragon.
  • General Franky arrives at Yamato after being chased by Hatcha.
  • Hatcha’s blow with his weapon destroys the floor, so Yamato is able to escape with Momonosuke & Shinobu.
  • Law finds a Ponyglyph in the basement. He recalls mentioning being a part of the D-clan to Robin and how he’ll find the Poneglyph.
  • Kaido vs The Red Scabbards continue their battle.
  • Luffy, Jinbei and Sanji have reached the 2nd floor heading to the dome.
  • The Chapter ends with Sanji reacting the Black Maria’s voice in the 3rd Floor.
  • NO BREAK NEXT WEEK (Possibly the best Spoiler).

Spoiler Discussion

Yamato’s Power Unleashed

When Yamato was introduced in One Piece everyone was laser-focused on her. But, question rose too that since she is the “Daughter” and not the “Son” of Kaido, does she have any Devil Fruit Power?

We were all in dark and Chapter 996 Spoilers have answered the question. Yamato too have Devil Fruit powers which may be quite similar to Kaido.

Kaido is a Pirate after all and is hell-bent greedy for Power. Hence, it is not a surprise that he may have forced his daughter to eat a devil Fruit even though she didn’t like it.

The Red Scabbards Continue

The Red Scabbards were a bit slowed down when Kiku got her hand clashed by Kaido. But, it seems that they are continuing their Battle to defeat him.

Though not much information was revealed about the status between Kaido and The Red Scabbards, we must take the outcome of this raid with a pinch of salt.

In the world of Manga, this is called “Plot Armor.” That means, even though The Red Scabbards are capable of defeating Kaido, that won’t happen. In the end Luffy will be the one to defeat Kaido.

Luffy on the 2nd Floor

Since the time The Red Scabbards started their raid against Kaido. Luffy is trying to reach the top floor to fight against Kaido shoulder-to-shouler.

Spoilers of Chapter 996 shows that Luffy is now pretty close to Kaido and since we are already very close to Chapter 1000. We must see Luffy reaching the Top Floor on the 1000th Chapter.

Well! whatever it is, Luffy will face his strongest opponent yet.

Release Date

One Piece Chapter 996 will officially release on November 20. There will be No Break after Chapter 996 and Spoilers for Chapter 997 will come out early.

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