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Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date, Watch Online.

With its unique and intriguing story line, Golden Kamuy says the life story of a Soldier Saichi Sugimoto who is after the Gold and Asirpa who wants to find her father. After Sugimoto starts his journey to collect all the tattoos linked to tons on Gold, he faces different challenges and rather life changing events. With this let’s look into Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date.

Release Date

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 8 will Release on Monday, November 23 (PDT). Teaser of the next episode was not available hence, we don’t know what’s in the next episode.


Gone Astray

While Team Sugimoto and Team Hajime are travelling together, they get separated due to the harsh weather. Hajima and others are lucky enough to find a warm home with helpful Grandpa, but Sugimoto and other are not lucky enough.

They try to save themselves by digging a shallow Hole and cover themselves from the Blizzard. But, the weather is too extreme and the Hole is too shallow to completely save them from it.

But, it’s Sugimoto we are talking about, he is “Immortal Sugimoto.” Hajime finds a light-house in the hut they are living, and with that Sugimoto and others find their way to the house.

Memories From the Past

While Sugimoto, Tanigaki and Chikapasi are waiting for the Sun to come out, Sugimoto has a flashback, where he goes berserk after his friend dies in War. But, an imaginary Asirpa saves him and that’s when Sugimoto finds the Light-house.

The Golden Hand

After things settle down with Sugimoto and others, the scene transitions to Asirpa and others. Asirpa finds out the footprints of “Meko.” A big Cat comparable to the size of a dog and powerful enough to kill a Human. While, they are talking about Meko, Asirpa talks about how her father talked about Meko when she was a kid. Then Kiroranke takes over the talk and speaks about a mysterious Woman named Sofia, who is in Jail wil 1700 Criminals.

After Kiroranke says to Asirpa that Sofia knew Wilk more than him, Asirpa gets interested and then they plan to rescue her from the Prison.

The ending of the Episode can be nothing but a genius. Sofia receiving a Letter with a hidden code and Ogata walking on the steps of Meko clearly signifies that the show will get even more intense from here on.

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