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What is Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen? Can Itadori use it?

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the best manga series in Supernatural Genre. Though it is relatively new, it has quickly garnered millions of readers and is already in the list of one of the best manga sold monthly.

While reading Jujutsu Kaisen, we came to learn a concept of “Domain Expansion.” So, the question is “What is Domain Expansion and why it makes the user almost invincible?


What is Domain Expansion?

The answer to the question is hidden in the name of this technique “Domain Expansion.” When a Sorcerer fights with a Cursed Spirit, both use their own powers and techniques to counter and defeat each other, but a situation comes when winning becomes difficult and the Sorcerer or the Cursed Spirit needs to use something that will make sure they win.

This is the time when Domain Expansion is used.

Domain Expansion is a technique where the user creates a Virtual Area under which he/she has total control and can do anything to their opponent.

You can say Domain Expansion is an all-out technique and there is almost 100% guaranty that the opponent will be defeated and killed.

Who can use Domain Expansion?

Since Domain Expansion needs considerable amount of Cursed Energy and Cursed Technique, anyone who has mastery over their Cursed Technique can use Domain Expansion to get a upper hand against the enemy.

But, Even if a Sorcerer is trained and experienced enough, it is not guaranteed that they can use Domain Expansion to full extent!

As I said before, establishing a Domain needs considerable amount of Cursed Energy and hence, this is one of the primary limits of using a Domain Expansion.

[su_spoiler title=”SPOILER!!” icon=”plus-square-2″]Maki Zenin is an Expert Sorcerer, but she don’t have Cursed Energy. Hence, she uses Cursed Tools to defeat enemies. [/su_spoiler]

Strengths & Weakness

When we talk about Strengths and Weaknesses, Domain Expansion is THE ultimate technique of a Sorcerer or Curse User. But, even though we are talking about the most terrifying technique, there got to be few Weaknesses.

If the Strength is confirmed defeat of enemies, the weakness is that if the the victim is powerful enough, they can counter the attacks and even absorb hits.

Sukuna Malevolent Shrine
Sukuna Malevolent Shrine

Another weakness is that if a Weak user tries to trap someone who is more powerful, then the enemy can overcome it with their own Domain Expansion. More like, overwhelming the enemy’s power with their own.

We see this happening when Mahito trapped Nanami in his Domain and Itadori was able to infiltrate into it, since Sukuna is more powerful.

Another incident was when Megumi tried to defeat Sukuna with Chimra Shadow Garden. Sukuna defeated Megumi without even unleashing his Domain.

So, this are some of the weaknesses of Domain Expansion.

Can Itadori use Domain Expansion?

Itadori has enormous physical strength and Will-Power. But, he is special since he is the only one who can control Sukuna. And the only reason he got selected as a Sorcerer.

But, Itadori cannot use Domain Expansion, since he does not have mastery over Cursed Energy like Megumi or Nobara. Hence, he uses Cursed Tools to kill his enemies.

Sukuna Taking Over Itadori

Maybe, later in the series, we will see Itadori getting hold over Sukuna and use Malevolent Shrine. Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine is extremely powerful and only Satoru Gojo (maybe Hakari and Yuta too) can successfully counter him.

Or, since Itadori is the main protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, we will see his development into something else. More human-like and mostly dependent on Raw Physical Power and technique.

Can Nobara Kugisaki use Domain Expansion?

Nobara Kugisaki’s power makes her one of the most unique and deadly Sorcerer. Where Itadori and Megumi counter their enemies through sheer Bruteforce, Nobara uses her power calmly yet killing her enemies. Nobara’s power have very little application for brute, but her technique is just the tip of iceberg.

If you have little knowledge about Nobara’s power, it is simply doll manipulation. Yes! the age-old voodoo dolls is her ultimate magic weapon. But, this will make her one of the best recipient of Domain Expansion.

As of now Nobara is in her 1st year as a Sorcerer and expecting her to master Domain Expansion is outright impossible. We saw that even Megumi was struggling to use Domain Expansion and it was rather incomplete.

But, it’s for sure that Nobara’s Domain Expansion will be one of the strongest of all and maybe even surpass Megumi.

How Powerful is Megumi’s Domain Expansion?

Though Megumi is a 1st year student as a Sorcerer, he can create his own Domain.

While fighting Sukuna, we have seen him using his Domain Expansion Chimera Shadow Garden. Though his technique was powerful enough to confuse Sukuna sometimes, he was easily defeated.

Another reason why Megumi’s Domain Expansion is not powerful “yet” is because it’s incomplete. We must not forget that Megumi is a 1st year and he will have to train before he can compare himself to other Sorcerers.

But, Megumi is trusted by Satoru Gojo and is the first 1st year among Nobara and Itadori. Hence, as the manga advance and more details are revealed, we will surely see that Megumi will master Chimera Shadow Garden.

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