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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 155 Spoilers, Raw Scans

After taking a month-long break, the series is back with a bang. Jujutsu Kaisen took a month-long break and it was absolutely good for the mangaka. He really needed rest.

Well, now that the series have returned, things are back in action again. At present, Itadori, Panda & Megumi are trying hard to get to Hakari. Later they also have to convince him to join them.

Chapter 154 ended with a cliffhanger. Even though Itadori have met Hakari, the alluring proposal he has got from Hakari is the challenge we will have to see how he solves it. Especially since Panda indirectly said that Itadori is not good at negotiating.

JJK Chapter 155 will most probably begin with either Kirara vs the two, or from where it ended. Or, it may begin with a completely different scene covering other sorcerers such as Maki.

Chapter Recap

Panda got defeated(deliberately) to make his way to where Megumi is and let Itadori take the lead and meet Hakari. And, Chapter 154 begins with Panda meeting Megumi and making a team out of it.

But, what’s really funny & surprising is that the person we thought was Hakari’s girlfriend turned out to be a Man. Kirara’s this revelation is going to hurt a lot of weebs who were getting exciting after learning about a new Female sorcerer.

After having some discussion about how itadori can mess up the situations, they too move on into their individual directions. Their plan is to keep Itadori on the forefront and then arrive to where Hakari really is.


But, their plan gets interrupted when Kirara sees Panda and Megumi. Seems it wasn’t Itadori who was going to mess it all up!

Though Kirara’s power hasn’t been revealed yet, it’s his eyes that has something to do with it. His technique can help him see the past. Maybe the past he can see is only distant, but the technique truly is terrifying. That’s how he understood that Itadori is associated with Megumi.

A confrontation breaks out between these three. Megumi tries to capture Kirara, but fails as his dog gets repelled. Also, Kirara’s power doesn’t let anyone come near him until he wants, though it’s not clear whether it’s Hakari’s power?

While these are engaged in fight, Itadori has reached in front of Hakari. But, before he could say anything, Hakari’s proposal must have shocked Itadori for a moment.

Chapter 155 Predictions

Jujutsu Kaisen Spoilers are pretty much easy to predict, since the main story doesn’t sway away and enter different scene a lot. Chapter 154 ended with the moment the three sorcerers were waiting for, hence, it’s highly likely that Chapter 155 will continue from there onwards.

Let’s say this doesn’t happen, then the closest I can think of is that the Chapter will start with Panda, Megumi trying to stop Kirara. Who knows, maybe Kirara will finally reveal his Curse Technique? From what I can understand, it’s something like tagging, where if a person is tagged, then they won’t be able to come near.

The other scenario that comes to my mind is that Chapter 155 will take a completely different route and show other sorcerers. If there is someone who is more important other than Hakari is, then it’s Maki. After her younger sister’s death, she almost decimated the Zen’in clan single-handedly. I would be happy to learn about her next step.

I would like to read some other theories as well! Do You have one? Please comment if you have a theory completely different from the one written above.


The Spoilers are out and things are getting “heated up” pretty quickly.

  • Chapter 155 title: “Heat”
  • Hakari explains about the offer to Itadori. He says that it takes “heat” to believe that this could be a chance to change their lives.
  • Hakari loves that “heat” since it’s same as gambling, and life itself is gambling.
  • He later talks about his past girlfriends and the reason they left him.
  • He is impressed by Itadori’s strength and wants him to join the fight club and to bring in more “heat.”
  • As Itadori was about to talk, Hakari’s phone started ringing. He ignores it and rather offers a drink.
  • Itadori declines since he is a minor. To which Hakari says that even Gojo cannot hold his liquor that well. Itadori pretends to not know who Gojo is.
  • Hakari says that there is no sorcerer alive to not know who Gojo is. In addition to that, the call from Kirara was a signal that something’s wrong.
  • Itadori & Hakari clashes, but, Itadori tries to explain the whole situation. Hakari doesn’t want to listen since he now has “cooled down.”
  • Hakari unleashes his technique which seems like floating doors?
  • Scene changes to Kirara. Megumi & Panda.
  • The most probable reason why Hakari got into trouble is because his cursed technique was considered too “modern” for sorcerers and the higher-ups are too conservatives to accept such things.
  • Kirara doesn’t believe that they need any help since they have Gojo sensei with them. But, Megumi says that Gojo sensei was sealed, so they lost.
  • Kirara is shocked after learning this, but yet doesn’t believe them.
  • Chapter ends wtih Megumi summoning a bunch of rabbits and hoping that Kirara will understand the dire situation they are in.

Jujutsu Kaisen has followed the same steps as most of the other manga like One Piece, Black Clover, MHA, etc have followed. Chapter 155 is still 8 days far from releasing officially.

But, rest assured, the Spoilers always come out pretty early. Since the time left is only 8 days as of now, the spoilers will most probably release after 3-4 days.

If you want to join the prediction and speculation party too, then rush to public forums. You won’t be disappointed.

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