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One Piece Chapter 1017 Spoilers Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1016 was a relief compared to previous chapters. It would be safe to say that a bitter battle between Yamato and Kaido is brewing.

Yamato has finally appeared in front on her father, Kaido, and her openly declaring that she will join Luffy’s crew has filled our hearts with more optimism than ever before.

Thing about it. In a crew which is already powerful enough to go head-to-head against Kaido and Big Mom will get an additional crew, and that too Kaido’s daughter. And, also, don’t forget Jinbei.

Being one of the most powerful fishman, Jinbei is the only one who withstood Big Mom’s death wrath. Even her own son got sucked in it.

With this let’s look into One Piece Chapter 1017 Spoilers and leaks.

Chapter 1017 Recap

What a chapter it was! It begun with a calming note, but, soon after it turned intense.

Chapter starts with Otoko enjoying the Fire Festival thinking about her father Yasui. She wonders whether her Father is watching over her? Hitetsu, who is with Otama replies that yes, her father is watching over Wano.

The scene then changes to CP0 who are still gambling and trying to understand which side have the upper-hand. According to the information they are receiving, a large number of troops have moved sides. This surprises them what could have happened that led to this transition?

The next panel follows Nami’s struggle against Ulti. Even after getting with Big Mom’s powerful attack, she is still standing. But, we see a positive surprise, Zeus is still not entirely dead! He still exists in Nami’s weapon. Some parts of his soul got absorbed in Nami’s weapon when she tried to catch Zeus while he was being eaten.

He says that now that he is in the weapon, he can easily control it’s movement and size. Nami sort of underestimates how powerful can Zeus be in this form? But, when she unleashes her attack against Ulti, a shocking thing happens, Zeus’ sheer force was enough to KO Ulti in one hit. Hence, ending Ulti’s participation in War.

After all these incident’s Bao Huang is herself shocked. She completely forgot that she was in broadcast mode before announcing that Ulti is down. Until she was aware of this, everybody knew this.

Usopp saw this opportunity, and took Otama to where Bao Huang was. Now, Otoma has taken charge of the announcement. I can already feel where this is going. One order/request of Otama and that’s it, all of beast army will stop. If that happens, the entire course of War will change. It will be exciting to see what Oda does with Otama.

This the scene and announcement from Yamato that took our breath away. After coming face-to-face with her Kaido, she has declared her intent to go to the sea with Luffy.

Kaido doesn’t take this seriously, and says that she has no chance against him. We also know what she has no chance against a monster like Kaido, but, she says that she will hold him until Luffy returns. Chapter ends after that.

The ending of the chapter gave the green-signal about the upcoming battle between these two. Kin’emon didn’t stood very long, now, it’s time to see how long Yamato stands.


The Spoilers are out:

  • Chapter 1017 is titled, “Order
  • Tama announces her order and all who have eaten her Dango become allies
  • Luffy has been rescued, but, we still don’t see him, neither the one who saved him
  • Queen transforms into his hybrid form to counter Sanji
  • Though Chopper was able to hold Rumble-ball for 30 minutes, it has certain side-effects
  • Jinbei goes against Who’s Who
  • Who’s Who is a former member of the CP9, and uses his technique
  • Who’s Who transforms into his Hybrid form
  • In a flashback, we know that 12 years ago, Who’s Who was in prison, but, he escaped
  • Who’s Who’s mistake is with his devil fruit, or maybe directly with the Government

Since One Piece is on a break, the spoilers are updated a little bit late. But, it’s time. The spoilers will come out within 2-3 days. So, hang on!!

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