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14 Hot & Beautiful Female Characters In Black Clover RANKED!!

Black Clover had quite a number of female knights and other characters. And a number of them are beautiful. But, who among all of them are REALLY beautiful?

In this post, I’ll talk about the beautiful and hot female characters in Black Clover.

Let’s GOOO…

Beautiful Female Characters In Black Clover

(14) Sol Marron

She is the woman who always stays with Charlotte and doesn’t want any man to come closer to her “Ne-San.” She has a tomboyish personality but also is quite good-looking.

Sol Marron Black Clover
Sol Marron

She is highly dedicate to Charlotte and never thinks about herself. Selflessness is beauty too!

(13) Sally

Sally is the creepiest among all the women in Clover Kingdom. But, she is pretty intelligent and average looking. She also deserves to be on the list of beautify women in Clover Kingdom.

Sally Black Clover

If fans can love Toga from My Hero Academia, why not Sally. At least Sally is more intelligent and useful than Toga…

(12) Mereoleona

Mereoleona’s commanding personality demands attention. She is the toughest of all the male and female in Clover Kingdom combined! Yes, I accept that she isn’t good-looking like other female characters in Black Clover, but she carries an air about her.

Mereoleona Black Clover

Men who are inherently strong headed will instantly fall for Mereoleona. If you ask me, I personally like her. You can call her the fierce goddess of fire!

(11) Fana

Fana has some major roles in the early days of Black Clover. She stands on the border of average and beautiful looking. Similar to Mimosa, Fana is kind at heart and doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Fana Black Clover

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to learn about her a lot, and as of now, we don’t know whether she is alive!

(10) Grey

I never knew Grey was so beautiful until she revealed her true-form. Even more surprising – even Yami couldn’t recognize Grey when she transformed.

Grey Black Clover
Grey Black Clover

What makes Grey desirable is her cuteness and caring personality. She is extremely shy, yet when time comes, she breaks away from the shyness and tries to help her ally.

(9) Charmy

There are only a handful of people in Black Clover who have seen Charmy’s real beauty and strength! She is a glutton always having her stomach out, but when she transforms to her fierce form, she becomes a goddess.

Beautiful Female Character In Black Clover Charmy
Charmy (Awakened Form)

Rill has fallen in love with the grown-up Charmy, and will probably propose her to marry him in the near future!

(8) Sister Lily

If there’s someone who knows whether Sister Lily is beautiful, it’s Asta. He still thinks that Sister Lily will marry him. Sister Lily is hands-down gorgeous. She is the type of woman we all want to have in our lives!

Sister Lily Black Clover
Sister Lily

Unfortunately since Lily is a sister, she won’t be able to marry anyone in her life…So, that’s that!

(7) Undine

Undine is not a person, but a spirit. But, hell isn’t she hot? I don’t know whether spirits age or not, but Undine really has kept herself intact in all these years!

Undine Black Clover

We might never see her in human form, but she is not only good looking but also has great physical features. If Undine was a person, she would have received countless marriage proposals…

(6) Secre (Nero)

Secre or Nero whatever you like to call is cute. The special thing about her is her childlike face. Even though she seldom smiles and has probably never laughed, she looks quite good!

Secre(Nero) Black Clover

She is humble but is also strict, particularly with Asta. She is more than 500 years of age. Hence, it’s pretty hard to guess whether she will end-up with anyone or just die in the final war?

(5) Noelle

Noelle is the physical embodiment of tsundere. She knows she loves Asta, but always ends up beating him. She has inherited this beauty from her mom, and I’m sure she will become more beautiful with time.

Noelle Black Clover

Asta is one lucky guy to end-up with her! Isn’t it so?

What’s your view on this? Will they really end-up together?

(4) Vanessa

Thanks to Vanessa air-headed attitude and the cloths she always wears, she looks beautiful always. She is courageous and courageous women are always beautiful!

Vanessa Black Clover

For the fans who ship Yami x Vanessa, I guess even they subconsciously believe that in the end Yami and Charlotte will end-up together. Not Yami and Vanessa. Sorry to say but the Yami x Vanessa ship has sunk before it can even sail!

(3) Charlotte

How can we forget our “prickly queen?” That’s what Yami likes to call her! We seldom see her in normal attire, but whenever it is, she looks quite beautiful! She has the “Lady” vibe that sets her apart from other women in the list!

Charlotte Black Clover

Her tsundere nature adds to her beauty! And her chemistry with Yami is just mind-blowing!

(2) Mimosa

I don’t whether I should say this, but Mimosa is less beautiful in her facial features. But, her voluptuous body is where she excels!

Mimosa Black Clover

On top of that, Mimosa is kind too. She doesn’t differentiate between ally and enemies. Her kindness is her most powerful weapon!

(1) Lolopechka

Lolopechka is hands-down the most beautiful female in Black Clover. Yes, she is air-headed, but there is no one close to her in raw beauty. Honestly speaking, I had to pause for few second to just look at her when she appeared as a Queen for the first time

Lolopechka Black Clover

So, in short, if we are talking about facial beauty, I can’t find anyone who is more beautiful than her!

What’s your take on this?

Conclusion & FAQ

So, these are the most beautiful female characters in Black Clover. I’m sorry if this list didn’t match with what you think. I’ve tried my best!

Who Is The Most Beautiful Female Character In Black Clover?

Lolopechka is the most beautiful female character in Black Clover.

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