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My Hero Academia S05 Episode 9 Release & Discussion

After a tumultuous year, the new season of Boku No Hero Academia has finally started airing. The previous season aired in 2019, and thanks to the still-ongoing pandemic, we didn’t receive any new season. But now that a new season is here, it’s time to enjoy Hero vs Villain, or sometimes even Hero vs Hero.

From what we are seeing from the very beginning episode, Season 5 will mostly cover friendly matches between Team-A and Team-B. The Third Match has ended with a surprising conclusion. Next match we have Bakugo, hence, we will get back-to-back great battles. With this, let’s look into Episode 9 Release Date, Time & Discussion.

Episode 8 Recap

When the preview of Episode 8 revealed Team-A. I said my friend, “I bet this match is going to get over within 5-10 minutes.” Little did I knew.

I you want to credit the only one guy who changed the entire battle between the two teams, it’s Honenuki. Yes, I’m not saying that Tetsutetsu didn’t play much role, but he was more of a brute than intelligent decision.

Honenuki on the other hand, not only slowed down Ida, he also almost captured Todoroki. If Ida hadn’t trained hard, the first one to go down was surely him.

While the fight between Ojiro and Kaibara was okay, the center of attention shifted towards Todoroki vs Tetsutetsu. As I said before, Tetsutetsu is a brute, and he came specially hard on Todoroki. Even Todoroki’s intense fire capacity wasn’t enough to pin him down.

But, the match started turning quickly when Honenuki arrived. Until now, both sides of the team have one casualties each. Ojiro from Team-A and Kaibara from Team-B were already in prison.

Pony was fighting shoji, but was losing in the beginning.

In an intense battle between the two teams, Honenuki was hell-bent on capturing Todoroki and also saving Tetsutetsu. But, Honenuki forgot that he hadn’t captured Ida yet. Within a moment Ida arrived and took todoroki with him.

He had two decisions to make, either save the injured, or capture to evil. He chose to save Todoroki. But, maybe this proved to be a bad decision, since if he had captured TetsuTetsu, then the combined force of Honenuki and Tetsutetsu wouldn’t have pinned Ida down.

Finally, in the end, the only one who was safe in both Team-A and Team-B was Shoji and Pony. If Shoji could fly, or at least reach to Pony’s spot, he could have changed the course of the battle.

Well, this was tough fight, and it’s surprising to see how powerful Class-B have become. Tetsuetsu was able to counter and even substantially injure Todoroki. Pony intelligently used her horns to fly and push Ojiro towards prison. Shoji’s “multi-hands” was able to deflect every horns of Pony.

All-in-all we can say that the match was an interesting one. But, the next will surely be an “explosion.” Do I have to say something else? It’s Bakugo!!!

Release Date

New episodes of My Hero Academia releases every Saturdays. Episode 5 will release on May 22, 01:30 (PDT). The preview of Episode 9 shows the beginning of the 4th match between Team-A and Team-B.
It’s getting exciting. Let’s see how things unfold.

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