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Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun S02 Episode 6 Release & Discussion

How will a 14 year old kid behave if he is betrayed by their own parents? Naggy? Angry? Sad? Depressed? Run Away from home? Maybe.

But, Suzuki Iruma is not of such kind. After being sold to the Great Demon Sullivan by his parents, Iruma-kun starts his new journey as the only human living in a Demon-administered world.

But, thankfully nobody has still found out that Iruma-kun is a human. What happens if someone finds out? Hence, starts the chaotic and fun-filled life of Suzuki Iruma.

Episode 5 Recap

Iruma has returned home and his Grandpa has already in celebration mod, waiting for his child to appear. The reason? Nothing, it’s simply that Grandpa is happy that his beloved Grandchild has returned home.

And, after having some conversation with Opera, he plans to invite Alice and Clara to have some fun. Since this is the first time inviting a friend, Iruma is taking all necessary preparation. He cleaned his room.

Alice and Clara arrive and after sometime they have dinner. Now, there must be something more to entertain isn’t it? Hence, Grandpa has planned something beforehand to impress Iruma.

A new game system has launched and Opera has it. It’s simply a dance simulator where the participant have to dance on the given spot. Poor Sullivan lost miserably. The thing he wants is the get some attention from his Grandchild.

Finally Sullivan plans to play a new game where they have to find a treasure. Everything has been set-up by Opera, and Sullivan will only conquer it. Though Sullivan succeeds in defeating the final monster, Iruma quickly discovers that everything was set-up by Opera.

Yes, from the very beginning, Iruma knew that his Grandpa was trying to impress him. But, he just went with the flow.

Episode ends with a happy Sullivan even though he failed in everything.

The next episode preview is something that we all wait to see. The tiny demon from Iruma’s ring has brainwashed him to become a “chad” Iruma. The next he wakes, up, he’s is not cute at all, and given a devil-like aura… I’m getting really excited.

Release Date

New episodes of Mairimashita Iruma-Kun S02 releases every Saturday. Episode 6 will release on May 22, 01:35 (PDT).
The preview of Episode 6 was surprising one. The cute Iruma we saw have transformed into devil-like? Well, I’m eagerly waiting for the new episode to arrive. Let’s see whether devil Iruma can win other devil’s hearts!

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