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Yuru Camp Season 2 Listed With 13 Episodes.

If you want to watch an Anime that has no particular story and protagonist. Yuru Camp/ Laid Back Camp is a series you should not miss. What makes Yuru Camp/ Laid Back Camp sweet and heart-warming to watch is it’s light and easygoing nature. The series revolves around a bunch of school students who plan to go camping in remote locations. That’s it. That’s the story of the series.

The official Twitter handle of Yuru Camp revealed that Season 2 of the Anime will have a total of 13 episodes, and, airing will start from 7th January(Today).

Translation of the above tweet says that the “Second Season will have 13 Episodes in total and will air from 7th January, 2021.”

Real Locations

What makes Yuru Camp different from a regular laid-back anime is that the locations and events shown in the anime or manga are taken from real places. Almost everything from landmarks to dogs, if you can go to the same location, you will find it. In the Manga version of the series, Afro shows the real locations from where inspirations are taken.

This is unique approach and will surely lead to more people taking Camping as an option to spend their time.

More Tourists

The release of Yuru Camp season 1 led to an increase in tourists and adventurers looking for spots of their favorite manga and anime series. This led to an increase in local shop revenue and more campers. Though unfortunately, camping is more focused on silence and spending time secluded from the daily hassles, a camping spot becoming famous may not prove to be good.

Watch Yuru Camp

You can watch Yuru Camp Season 1 before Season 2 comes out in these streaming platforms



Afro launched Yuru Camp manga in 2015 in Manga Time Kirara Forward magazine. the English version of the manga began in March 2018 by Yen Press. The series does not have any main protagonist but, is more focussed on individual and sometimes group adventures, mostly camping. 

Rin Shima has an interest in Camping and goes from site-to-site in search for the best camping spot. One day while on a similar journey, she met Nadeshiko Kagamihara who is an airheaded girl. Hence, the story begins with Nadeshiko’s friends and Rin making plans, going to places, buying goods for camping, and more.

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