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Jujutsu Kaisen 137 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked

Just when we think that the Shibuya Arc will end now, there is always a revelation that stops the arc to end. Though, thankfully, the arc is not boring yet as the revelations are always surprising. Chapter 136 too brought various surprises to the Shibuya Arc. Even Yuki was not able to stop Geto, and as of now situations look grim. But, we get a major revelation in Chapter 137 Spoilers. A major character of JJK Universe is returning. Now, the battles will be more interesting than before. With this let’s look into Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 137 Spoilers and Leaks.


The Spoilers are out, and Oh Boy! what a surprise.

  • 23 Districts of Tokyo are almost all annihilated.
  • Okutama, Oume City, Akiruno City, Hachioji City, parts of Machida City, and the island are the only cities that can be stated as unharmed.
  • The entire cabinet including the chief cabinet secretary and prime minister are all unaccounted for.
  • The amount of Cursed Spirits released is no less than 10 Million.
  • The situation is so grim that there is an ongoing plan to evacuate at least 5 Million Tokyo Residents.
  • Following the large scale destruction, the Yen is falling.
  • There is a chance of military intervention from another world since there is a vacuum of power.
  • They are planning to disclose to existence of curses as something that appeared only in Tokyo.
  • Yuta Okkotsu have come back to Japan.
  • Inumaki has lost his hand.
  • Okkotsu says “I’ll kill Itadori Yuji.”
  • Satoru Gojo is declared as the co-conspirator of the Shibuya incident and is exiled from the Jujutsu society idefinitely. Anyone who tries to undo Gojo’s seal will be immediately considered as a criminal.
  • Masamichi Yaga will be sentenced to death for instigating Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto and causing the Shibuya incident.
  • The suspension of Itadori’s death sentence will be revoked, and it is decided that Yuji Itadori be swiftly executed.
  • Special Grade Sorcerer Yuta Okkotsu will be appointed as executor of Itadori.

Chapter Discussion

Too Much Happened!

What just happened? What started as a normal raid of curses has quickly transformed into an apocalyptic scenario. The major setback was when Gojo was sealed and Nanami died. But, the level of destruction crossed its limits when Sukuna unleashed his Domain Expansion, killing countless people.

But, after he unleashed the Domain Expansion, it wasn’t sure how much damage he did, and now after many chapters we are learning. Keeping aside the countless people losing their lives, Chapter 137 leaks have revealed that Inumaki has lost his hand too. This accounts to two one of the best Sorcerers losing their hands. Todo and now, Inumaki.

But, what we were waiting to happen, have at last happened in Chapter 137. Yuta Okkotsu have returned. If you haven’t read prequel of Jujutsu Kaisen, then you won’t know his past.

Okkotsu Yuta is Back

Yes, the killer is back. But, unfortunately Yuta doesn’t know about Itadori and his circumstances. The Raw Scans sketch of Okkatsu represents that he have changed a lot. His aura is on a different level and he is not the Okkotsu we saw in prequel.

If you have little idea about how powerful Okkotsu is, in the prequel, when Gojo and other sorcerers fought the real Geto, it was only Okkotsu who was able to gravely injure him.

After that incident, he went abroad for training. The Okkotsu who left Japan as a Boy, has returned as a Man.

Will Okkotsu Kill Itadori?

Pretty hard question to answer, considering Okkotsu’s power. In the prequel when Okkotsu was just an average boy, he had enough power to give Geto a good taste of his deeds. And now that he has thoroughly trained for years, there is a great chance that Itadori will face something unexpected.

There are some solutions to this:

(1) Okkotsu kills Itadori, but Sukuna revives him again.
(2) Itadori will let Sukuna handle this. Though this will make the situation worse.
(3) After a cruel battle, Okkotsu will understand the situation and they will fight together with Itadori to defeat Geto and other curses.
(4) Okkotsu permanently kills Itadori. This is next to impossible since the whole series will end.

So, these are some of the things I think may happen, when Okkotsu confronts Itadori. Things are getting really exciting.

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