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Does Midnight Die in My Hero Academia? Midnight Death Confirmed?

Hey, today I’ll talk about Midnight and her cruel fate that follows. Does she really dies? And how does the Heroes respond to her death?

Honestly, if you ask me, in the entire series I never suspected that she is one to face death-like situation! But, I think Horikoshi thought that it was pretty much time to kill-off the weak Heroes. And it might seem rude but, I think that too, that Midnight was pretty weak compared to others Heroes!

Well, let’s not waste much time and dive deep into the situation and the way forward for the Heroes…


Initial Hints of Death Flag

Before Gigantomachia entered the city, the Heroes were trying their best to stop it in any way possible. But, the sheer size and power of Gigantomachia was powerful. Enough to throw away Mt. Lady. Hence, it was clear that brute force was not going to work on such creature.

There is a proverb, “An ant can kill an elephant,” and on such circumstances when force doesn’t work, use of deception and special techniques becomes absolutely necessary to counter the obstacle.

Hence, Midnight was the best option given that Best Jeanist didn’t reach there on time. Since her quirk can force anyone to fall asleep, her plan was to somehow bring herself closer to Gigantomachia’s face and unleash her quirk.

My Hero Academia Mt. Lady
Mt. Lady: Fandom

If the plan succeeded, then it was a sure-shot technique to stop Gigantomachia from entering the city. But, luck was not on her side and before even reaching, she discovered that the Villains are travelling on Machia’s back. Hence, the plan backfired and Mr. Compress unleashed his magical technique that threw debris on Midnight. Those debris threw Midnight on ground and she failed to control Gigantomachia.

But, being a pro Hero, this was not enough to completely defeat, or worse, kill her. After falling down, she immediately contacted Momo and ordered her to use her power to drug Gigantomachia and put him to sleep.

Until this time, everything was normal,but, when we saw how she thought of Momo as a good leader, it was the first hint we got. After ordering Momo to take decision, she was seen surrounded by Revolutionary Members and was later attacked by them. After that incident, her status was unknown.

The Confirmation

The incident happened in Chapter 278, and after almost 20 chapters of Midnight’s unknown status, we got a glimpse of her.

In a rather Heart-Breaking reveal, we see that Momo, Mina, Kirishima are crying profusely, and Sato is shocked. Though her whole body was not seen, but in a panel we see her signature spectacles laying on the ground, crushed, and also her hand having some blood spots.

My Hero Academia Midnight

The Chapter in which this is revealed is named “Extreme Hell.” Now, we know why. Along with Midnight, many other Heroes are also reportedly dead and many are still missing. Hence, Chapter 296 is undeniably one of the most brutal Chapter yet in the series.

On an another note, in a short panel, Thirteen’s face is also revealed, though it is hardly noticeable. But, what’s noticeable is that his left hand is missing.

Students Reaction

The first students to see Midnight in such state were Mina, Momo, Kirishima and Sato. And, they were completely heart-broken after they found out that their Sensei is gone. Mina thought highly of Midnight and saw her as an idol.

Keeping aside her lustrous attitude, Midnight was an entertaining teacher, who had a soft side that she hardly ever expressed.

Well, the good thing is that Mina has finally found the Villain directly responsible for Midnight’s death. We also get to see a panel when Mina finds out the exact Villain who killed Midnight. Before writing much about her reaction, please have a look at this image:

My Hero Academia Midnight Death
Mina Finds Out Midnight’s Killer

This happened in Chapter 353. Hence, you can already feel who’s Mina going to fight in the end! It’s of course the guy in the image…


So, as you might already know that My Hero Academia has entered the final arc. And I’m ready to face even more cruelty than just Midnight’s death.

This is only the second time the Heroes are fighting AFO face-to-face. But, unlike with All Might AFO is not alone this time, he has an army of Villains who are hungry to see the Heroes and society messed-up.

To conclude, it’s hard to accept Midnight’s death. And the reason why Midnight’s death is shocking is because, she was not in a position to die. At least I was never ready to see her depart so early!

My Hero Academia is surprising us with lots of reveals lately and this is one Reveal that nobody was expecting. Dabi’s reveal was surprising, but speculation in My Hero Academia community was already hinting that Dabi could possibly be Endeavor’s presumably dead son. And as we saw, the speculation proved to be true.

The final and the most crucial revelation will come when Horikoshi will reveal Deku’s dad.

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