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Does Midnight Die in My Hero Academia? Midnight Death Confirmed?

My Hero Academia is a series where a Hero always faces life and death situation, and, that’s their job. But, when the same Hero dies, that too, a beloved character, the situation is different. Earlier in the midst of the War, we saw how Gran Torino was killed (Not Confirmed) while fighting Shigaraki. Even though Gran Torino was already old and not very active as a Hero, his news of death spread like a wildfire in My Hero Academia Community. Not only community, the news of his death was also trending on Twitter similar to when Dabis past was revealed. Now, leaving aside Gran Torino, what will happen when an active Hero dies who is also loved by almost everyone in the My Hero Academia universe? There will be grievance. So, Does Midnight die? Is her death Confirmed?

Initial Hints of Death Flag:

Before Gigantomachia entered the city, the Heroes were trying their best to stop it in any way possible. But, the sheer size and power of Gigantomachia was powerful enough to throw away Mt. Lady. Hence, it was clear that simply brute force was not going to work on such creature. There is a proverb, “An ant can kill an elephant,” and on such circumstances when force doesn’t work, use of deception and special techniques becomes absolutely necessary to counter the obstacle.

My Hero Academia Mt. Lady
Mt. Lady: Fandom

Hence, Midnight was the best option given that Best Jeanist didn’t reach there on time. Since her quirk can force anyone to fall asleep, her plan was to somehow bring herself closer to Gigantomachia’s face and unleash her quirk.

If the plan succeeded, then it was a sure-shot technique to stop Gigantomachia from entering the city. But, luck was not on her side and before even reaching, she discovered that the Villains are travelling on Machia’s back. Hence, the plan backfired and Mr. Compress unleashed his magical technique that threw debris on Midnight. Those debris threw Midnight on ground and she failed to control Gigantomachia.

But, being a pro Hero, this was not enough to completely defeat her. After falling down, she immediately contacted Momo and ordered her to use her power to drug Gigantomachia and put him to sleep.

Until this time, everything was normal,but, when we saw how she thought of Momo as a good leader, it was the first hint we got and was too obvious to miss. After ordering Momo to take decision, she was seen surrounded by Revolutionary Members and was later attacked by them. After that incident, her status was unknown until the latest chapter release.

The Confirmation:

The incident happened in Chapter 278, and after almost 20 chapters of Midnight’s unknown status, we get a glimpse of her.

In a rather Heart-Breaking reveal, we see that Momo, Mina, Kirishima are crying profusely, and Sato is shocked. Though her whole body was not seen, but in a panel we see her signature spectacles laying on the ground, crushed, and also her hand having some blood spots.

My Hero Academia Midnight
Midnight: Fandom

The Chapter in which this is revealed is named “Extreme Hell.” Now, we know why. Along with Midnight, many other Heroes are also reportedly dead and many are still missing. Hence, Chapter 296 is undeniably the most brutal Chapter yet in the series.

On and another note, in a short panel, Thirteen’s face is also revealed, though it is hardly noticeable. But, what’s noticeable is that her left hand is missing.

Students Reaction:

The first students to see Midnight in such state were Mina, Momo, Kirishima and Sato. And, they were completely heart-broken after they found out that their Sensei is gone.

As of now, these are the only four students to learn the truth, but, when all of them learns, they all will mourn. Keeping aside her lustrous attitude, Midnight was an entertaining teacher, who had a soft side that she hardly ever expressed.

Midoriya is yet injured and going under treatment. When he wakes up and learns this truth, it’s pretty sure that he will blame himself for being weak, though there was very little he could do.

But, these are students and since they have only seen Midnight as a Teacher and a Hero, the impact of her death will subside with time. Maybe some of them, like Bakugo and Todoroki will only be sad and not express too much. But, there is a guy who will mourn Midnight’s death and will hide it from everyone. It’s Aizawa.

How Will Aizawa Feel?

As Midoriya, Ochako and others are classmates studying together, Midnight was also a classmate of Aizawa. Even though Aizawa has an introverted personality, he is always surrounded by extroverts like Hizashi, Oboro and Midnight.

This made Aizawa have a friendly relation with Midnight. But, this is not the only thing that will cause Aizawa to grieve her loss. Within a very short period of time, Aizawa have experienced two harsh truths. First was when he learned that Kurogiri was actually his good friend Oboro and now this, another good friend lost.

My Hero Academia Oboro
Oboro: Fandom

On top of it he also saw Gran Torino getting crushed by Shigaraki. He has also lost his arm. These are some extreme circumstances that Aizawa had to face.

Present Situation:

According to the latest Chapter leaks, the War has settled after Gigantomachia and other Villains are down. But, the level of destruction is such that calling it a win for the Heroes would be a fallacy.

The Villains wanted to cause havoc in the city and they have got what they wanted. Gigantomachia single-handedly ravaged the city. On the other hand, countless people have died and many pro heroes have lost their lives too. What can be worse than this?

All For One

The War is not over yet. Yes! The latest leaks of My Hero Academia shows that All For One will make his move now with seven high-end Nomu.

Shigaraki is down and All For One declared that he can takeover his body now. Looking at the condition of the Heroes, if now All For One uses seven high-end Nomu and on top of it, he uses his own power, they the Hero association is done for. But, I personally don’t see this happening. AFO will use this opportunity to strike a deal.

I fear that in return for the safety of the city and other Heroes, All for One will want to take away Midoriya’s Quirk. And, the way how blind Midoriya is when it comes to saving people, he may sacrifice his quirk. And, if this happens, nothing can be worse than this.


To conclude, it’s hard to accept Midnight’s death. And the reason why Midnight’s death is shocking is because, she was not in a position to die.

My Hero Academia is surprising us with lots of reveals lately and this is one Reveal that nobody was expecting. Dabi’s reveal was surprising, but speculation in My Hero Academia community was already hinting that Dabi could possibly be Endeavor’s presumably dead son. And as we saw, the speculation proved to be true.

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