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11 Most Loved and Hated Black Characters In Bleach

Today I’ll talk about the 11 Most Loved and Hated Black Characters In Bleach. I had a feeling that many a times Black (Person of Color) characters play a very important role in a manga series only to get sidelined afterwards.

Hence, in this post I’ll try to mention each and every important POC characters in Bleach who really made the series the way we know today!

This list might not have characters from Filler Episodes/Arc:


Bleach: 11 Most Loved & Hated Black (Person of Color) Character

I’ve tried my best to mention every important character. Please let me know if I missed something:

(11) Zommari Rureaux

Zommari is not just the worst POC (Person of Color) character in Bleach, but I should assume that he is THE WORST!!

Not only he is a Villain, but he also have a nasty personality. Just search for Zommari Rureaux in any community forum and you’ll see most of the people hating on him.

Zommari Rureaux Bleach
Zommari Rureaux

On top of having a filthy attitude towards everything, Zommari’s power is also creepy. I may sound a bit harsh, but the entire Bleach fandom flew in satisfaction when he was defeated…

(10) PePe Waccabrada

PePe falls into the same category as Zommari. He gathered intense hatred within the few chapters he appeared in the manga.

I should say that there’s tie between Zommari and PePe at how much they receive hatred. Maybe when the anime releases and reach his portion, PePe will receive even more hatred than Zommari…

PePe Waccabrada Bleach
PePe Waccabrada

Dude is not even powerful!

Before moving with Aizen to follow his “dream,” Tosen was one of the most respected Soul Hunter and also as an overall character.

(9) Kaname Tōsen

I can only say that everything he did was curiosity in the beginning, but it quickly transformed into selfishness. And that’s when he started receiving hatred!

Tosen Bleach
Kaname Tōsen

Until the very last moment he was alive, his only desire was to know the basic reason of everything that happened to him. So, I want to keep Tosen in the Grey territory.

(8) Jackie Tristan

Jackie Tristan also falls into the same category as that of Tosen. He earlier life was full of hardships, and the situations made like the way she is!

Jackie Tristan Bleach
Jackie Tristan

She didn’t receive a lot of attention from the community and was treated as a filler character. Jackie earned sympathy when she revealed her past about how her parents died.

(7) Mila Rose

Mila Rose receives considerable amount of hatred from Bleach community. Generally due to her Sadistic behavior.

Mila Rose Bleach
Mila Rose

We should also not forget that she is an Arrancar from Aizen’s army. Hence, what else can we expect from her? But, of course, she is loved for her curvaceous figure and dark complexion…

(6) Love Aikawa

Love is unfortunately not loved that much in the manga. He is just treated as a side-character and only appears for a brief moment in the story.

Love Aikawa Bleach
Tier Harribel

Of course, that doesn’t mean he is outright hated. You can say, he is just treated as simple guy who has nothing much to offer!

(5) Lille Barro

Okay, so Lille Barro is a negative character in Bleach. Yet, he receives appreciation for his power and personality. Maybe because being Quincy is what makes him a little more attractive than the ones mentioned above…

Lille Barro Bleach
Lille Barro

In the end, you can say that Barro is way better than other villains in Bleach.

(4) Tier Harribel

Despite being a Villain, we absolutely LOVE Tier Harribel.

She is the only Black female character in Bleach who is a little more attractive than Yoruichi. Also she has that womanly vibe in her that makes her even more alluring…

Tier Harribel Bleach
Tier Harribel

What’s you though about her? Do you like her or hate her?

(3) Yasutora Sado (Chad)

Chad is pretty much liked by the Bleach community. Though he receives few hatred from a part of the readers.

What else can I say about him. Sado started as an important character in Bleach, but instantly got sidelined by Ichigo and Orihime. After few initial chapters of the series, we could only see him use his powers only few times…

Yasutora Sado Bleach
Yasutora Sado

You can say that he is one of the most nerfed characters in the manga.

(2) Yūshirō Shihōin

Yūshirō Shihōin looking strikingly similar to Yoruichi, and is cute as hell!

Unfortunately he didn’t appear for many chapters in the series. I just hope we get to see him a little more when Bleach creator (Tite Kubo) restarts the manga.

Yūshirō Shihōin Bleach
Yūshirō Shihōin

What’s more interesting is that Yūshirō also keeps the same power similar to Yoruichi…

(1) Yoruichi Shihōin

Yoruichi Shihōin is one of the most loved Bleach Character.

And you know why I’m saying this. Even if we keep her killer looks and personality, she is good at heart and doesn’t hesitate to help someone in need.

Yoruichi Bleach
Yoruichi Shihōin

You can safely assume that Yoruichi is not just the most loved POC (Person of Color) character in Bleach, but also one of the most loved in the manga Universe.

Conclusion & FAQ

Finally, we have reached the end of this post. Hmm…I don’t think I miss anyone. Or did I? Some reputed news report are suggesting that Tite Kubo is bringing back Bleach. I hope we get to see Yoruichi’s younger brother this time!

It’ll be pretty interesting to learn about his abilities…

Who Is the Most Loved Bleach Character?

Yoruichi Shihōin is the most loved Bleach Character.

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