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Does Kenpachi Zaraki Die In Bleach? Who Can Beat Him?

Does Kenpachi Zaraki Die in Bleach? I know where this question is coming from. Even I had this question whenever Kenpachi used to face a powerful enemy. This dude is so unpredictable that it becomes almost impossible to speculate his next move.

Hence, in this post I will try to explain the secret behind Kenpachi’s insane power, whether he will die in future and also the character who are capable of beating him…

With this, let’s GOOO…


Why Is Zaraki So Strong?

The funny thing is that even Kenpachi doesn’t know why he is so strong. The closest we can speculate is that he is really Hungry. Hungry to become the strongest among all.

And there’s one thing he fears, it’s to reach his limits. We saw him sad/disappointed the first time when he won against Unohana. He didn’t want her to be defeated so easily.

Zaraki’s fierce attitude towards everything is also one of the factors that make him astonishingly strong. He doesn’t care about death. In fact he doesn’t care about anything. Maybe because he has got nothing to care for. He doesn’t have any family, or any past he can recall. Not even any mental scar to pin him down with depression…

His only weakness I can think of is Yachiru. Zenpachi was visibly worried when he was not able to find her!

Will Kenpachi Die?

No, Zaraki Kenpachi won’t die.

I don’t think there’s any character in entire Bleach series who has faced death-like situation than this dude. He almost died fighting Ichigo, again he almost died fighting Nnoitra Gilga.

But wait, there’s more! His battle against Gremmy Thoumeaux was one of the best one. We thought (at least I thought) that this time he’ll be defeated…Turns out, Gremmy ended up killing himself. LOL

And his final battle in the manga was against Gerard Valkyrie. But this time Kenpachi was really injured. I mean REALLY serious. Yet this monster lived!

If all these brutal fights and damage couldn’t beat him, I don’t know what can put him down!

Who Can Beat Kenpachi?

Well, now that we are pretty sure that Kenpachi won’t die, who are the characters in the series who can beat him? I know there are very few who can but these are the people who can pull it off:

(1) Ichigo: Ichigo beat Kenpachi when he was way weaker than he is now. So, I won’t be surprised is he beats Zaraki again… I know that both of them are stronger than before, but Ichigo’s growth has easily surpassed Kenpachi’s.

(2) Yamamoto: If Yamamoto becomes serious he could beat not just Kenpachi, but each and everyone is the entire Soul Society. Unfortunately, we never saw these two guys fighting for real. Captain Yamamoto’s power is on a completely different level…

(3) Ichibē Hyōsube: Let alone just Zaraki, Ichibē Hyōsube can beat even Yamamoto with his terrifying power. I won’t say what his powers are (spoiler) but Kenpachi won’t even stand a chance against someone so divinely! I won’t be joking if I say this: Kenpachi would either die or lose his sense if Ichibe attacked him just once!

(4) Yhwach: There’s a reason why Yhwach is also called “The Almighty.” To spoil you a bit, he was able to not only counter, but also beat Ichibē Hyōsube. I would leave your imagination at that!

Kenpachi is pretty good with physical attacks. Since all of his attacks are just brute-force, he would face almost immediate defeat against someone who uses too much brain!

Conclusion & FAQ

Of course, I have only included the people who have the absolute chance to beat him. I could have included the Quiencies who stayed with Yhwach but chose not to include them…

And finally in conclusion, there’s very low chance that Kenpachi will die in Bleach. He is like THE WALL who doesn’t even let death come near him…

Will Kenpachi Zaraki Die In Bleach?

No, Kenpachi Zaraki does not die in Bleach.

Can Ichigo Beat Kenpachi Zaraki?

Yes, Ichigo can Beat Kenpachi Zaraki.

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