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Black Clover 280 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked.

Chapter 279 made a great revelation that Dr. Morris has already attained Devil’s power within himself. That’s a real threat considering that even one person with Devil possession is powerful enough, and here Morris has more than one. An unknown Devil has appeared and this kickstarted the second round of assault from the Spade Kingdom. The War has just begun, and within a very short amount of time, lots of things have happened. It will be interesting to see how the events turns up. With this, let’s look into Black Clover 280 Spoilers, Raw Scans and some Discussions.


  • Name of Chapter is: Surging Disaster and the Chapter will have 17 Pages.
  • Nacht says that Devils are even more stronger that the Dark Triad members.
  • The name of the Devils are Lilith & Nahemah.
  • Roots of Qliphoth starts to grow and drain Mana from the World. Devils pour from the Spade Castle and, Demons are back too.
  • The First Gate has opened and the Triad Members can already 100% of their Devil Powers.
  • Vanica frees herself and goes after Charlotte.
  • Dante beats Jack and starts talking his revenge.
  • Nacht wants to take down Morris but, needs to deal with Lilith & Nahemah first.
  • Nacht asks Plumede “Die With Me.”
  • Zenon counters on Yuno and asks about who it is that will die after all.
  • The Demons attack Clover Kingdom.
  • Chapter ends with Asta still in the Devil’s Ritual, yet trying to master his technique.

Chapter Discussion

Surging Disaster

Chapter’s name is enough to explain what’s going on. The worst that could happen has happened. The Tree of Qliphoth has started absorbing Mana and the Demons are entering the Human Realm.

If this wasn’t enough, the Dark Triad members can now unleash their 100% Devil Power. It took great collective effort for both Asta and Yami to defeat Dante when he was not even close to 100%. And now that they reach 100% is a clear indication that the words “Surging Disaster” is true.

Will Nacht Die?

Will Nacht Die?

Nacht’s death is something that we have been speculating from the beginning of the Spade Kingdom Arc. His sudden appearance in Clover Kingdom and training Asta to control his Devil is an indication that Nacht already had a rough idea about his death.
On top of it, Nacht is overpowered since he can control more than one Devil.
And, in the latest Chapter he says to his Devil to get ready to die. Hence, there is a possibility that Nacht will ultimately die, and Asta will reach the battlefield after this disaster has settled down.

Can Nacht Defeat Dante?

In Chapter 280, Nacht goes head-to-head against Dante. Dante who was struggling to land a hit on Nacht has now greater advantage since he can now unleash 100% Devil’s power. Hence, there is little chance that Nacht will defeat Dante.

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