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Is Grey’s Magic In Black Clover Too OP?

Black Clover has countless magical types and techniques. While most are common, some of them are not. And there are also some magic types that are so uncommon that only one among millions have.

Grey’s Transmutation Magic is one of them!

Hence, in this post, I’ll try to explain why Transmutation Magic is one of the most overpowered magical ability and also why It literally makes Grey a fearsome Magic Knight…

Let’s dive in:


Grey Is The Dark Horse Of Black Bulls

After Henry, Grey is probably the most ignored Black Bull member. Primary reason is her shyness! She is not hated but she always stays behind the scenes! And I feel Black Clover creator (Yuki Tabata) did it purposefully.

Grey Transmutation Magic Black Clover
Grey’s Transmutation Magic

Why? So that he can reveal her OP magic when the time comes! Here’s why I feel Grey is the so-called “Dark Horse” of the Black Bulls: The limits to her magical power is unknown! The feat she achieved while healing Gauche might be just a fraction of what she can do!

Grey has never been offensive, but her Transmutation Magic can cause catastrophic impact to anyone or anything if focused on offence. The image used above is just a small example.

Now, let’s say if she touched a person an uses her magic? I hope you can imagine to repercussions!

Finally, I feel that Tabata is still holding back on Grey! He could finally reveal her offensive capability now that we have entered final arc…

Can Grey’s Magic Revive The Dead?

Hmm…This is a steep suggestion. Transmutation is different, but altogether reviving the dead is too far-stretched! Even the most powerful character in a manga series fails to perform something like reviving the dead.

But yes, one thing is sure. Grey’s Transmutation Magic is potent enough to revive anyone even if they have 1% chance of survival! In fact that’s exactly what happened with Gauche!

Dante pierced Gauche’s heart to such extent that he would have died within minutes. But Grey healed him, or let’s say, completely regenerated his heart from scratch!

Conclusion & FAQ

In conclusion, Grey’s Transmutation Magic is indeed too OP! This type of magic can be used for various purposes! As the greatest defensive and also as the greatest offence! Also unlike other magic like Fire Magic, Grey’s magic is one of the most unique!

She is the only one who has this…

How Powerful Is Grey In Black Clover?

Grey’s Transmutation Magic is extremely powerful. She can beat the her opponent within few moments.

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