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15+ Strongest Black Clover Magic Types

Which is the Strongest Magic attribute/type in Black Clover? Yami has Dark Magic, Noelle has Water Magic. But, which among all is the strongest and whether they have any weaknesses?

In this post, I’ll talk about all the Magic Types, their strengths, and weaknesses…

Let’s GOOO…


(16) Memory Magic

Memory Magic is the “Dark Horse” of Black Clover. The user can extract any amount of information from its target. Hence, this magic works great for people who are working for a Kingdom’s security. In the below image you can see Marx accessing information from his target.

Memory Magic Black Clover
Marx (Memory Magic)

In fact, Memory Magic played a huge role in revealing the secret of The Eye of the Might Sun. But wait, there’s more! Marx can basically erase his target’s memory or implant a memory he wants his opponent to recall….Doesn’t it make his magic an extremely OP magic?

(15) Water Magic

Water Magic is powerful when used in it’s severe form! Water Magic is not too unique like the other magic down in the list, but the powers are limitless! Water can be used to cut rocks if it’s highly concentrated! In Noelle’s case she used her Water Magic to cut Megicula’s heart!

Noelle (Water Magic)

Water can also be used as a great mixture to other forms of magic. Especially Earth-based magic! For it’s weakness, Lighting Magic is the only magic that can successfully counter it!

(14) Spatial Magic

Now, this is controversial, but I think Spatial Magic is a little weak compared to other magic forms in the manga. Or maybe Finral is so weak that he fails to use it with full efficiency!

Finral Black Clover
Finral (Spatial Magic)

Spatial Magic is mostly used for transportation and the range it practically limitless, provided the user has previously been to the location….

(13) Light Magic

There have been only two users in Black Clover who can use Light Magic. 1st Wizard King and the second was Patolli/Patry. Light Magic is WAY More powerful that many other magic attributes, but it also has several weaknesses!

Patolli/Patry Black Clover
Patolli/Patry (Light Magic)

If you ask me the very weakness of Light Magic, it’s Dark Magic. Dark Magic can simply absorb every little light that is produced! Yet, Light Magic is considered one of the most rare…

(12) Fire Magic

Fire Magic is honestly the most common magic. Since Fire can be used against almost anything, anyone who is in possession of it is said to have incredible lead over their opponent! The Vermillions and Magna are the only ones who can manipulate Fire…

Leopold Vermillion Black Clover
Leopold (Fire Magic)

You already know Fire Magic’s weakness isn’t it? It’s Water Magic. But, other than Water, Fire Magic works pretty great when used with Wind Magic…

(11) Wind Magic

Wind Magic is said to be the most unique and also a major form of magic! In fact the one who can manipulate Wind can basically manipulate a LOT of things! Just for example: Yuno can create a vacuum and that would be it for his opponent!

Yuno Black Clover
Yuno (Wind Magic)

Since Yuno also has Star Magic, do you think it’s more powerful than Wind Magic? Do let me know:

(10) Dream Magic

The Dream Magic is one magic that even the most powerful one should not ignore! Dorothy Unworth, the user of Dream Magic can trap anyone is her “Dream Realm” and basically can do anything she wants to do! When she was possession by the elves, she trapped Yami into her “dream domain.”

Dorothy Unsworth Dream Magic Black Clover
Dorothy (Dream Magic)

Yami had to really struggle to get out of it! I wonder what would have happened if she trapped a rookie magic user!

(9) Curse-Warding Magic

Vanica used this Curse-Warding Magic to curse Acier Silva (Noelle’s mom) and also Lolopechka. Though she used her magic for evil purposes, it can also be used for healing. Unfortunately, we could never see that happen!

Vanica Curse-Warding Magic Black Clover
Vanica (Curse-Warding Magic)

The victim who is cursed has a great disadvantage. He/she can die anytime, can get controlled over, or even explode like the person you seen in the above image!

(8) Transmutation Magic

I you ask me who is the most underutilized character in Black Clover, it’s Grey. She basically has a Magic that is as powerful as our thoughts. You can see her using the the Transmutation Magic against a Devil-host.

Grey Transmutation Magic Black Clover
Grey (Transmutation Magic)

What makes her magic too OP is how deep it can work on anything/anyone. Her magic is healing on an advanced level! She basically regenerated Gauche’s body parts after he was gravely injured by Lucifero…

(7) Sealing Magic

Secre/Nero holds to power to seal anything in existence. Initially she only used her Sealing Magic to lock and unlock locks, but thanks to the 1st Wizard King, she was able to advance it to a completely different level!

Secre(Nero) Black Clover
Secre/Nero (Sealing Magic)

In fact, she played a crucial role against Zagred when she sealed Asta’s pain and weakness for a point of time! She also used her Sealing Magic to seal the 1st Wizard King who reincarnated again to finish Zagred!

(6) Blood Magic

Witch Queen is the one who has Blood Magic. Blood is the most important aspect that keeps a human alive, and someone who can total control over it can almost insta-kill anyone within a moment.

Witch Queen Blood Magic Black Clover
Witch Queen (Blood Magic)

The Witch Queen is one of the very few persons who almost killed Asta when the Black Bulls went for help…She is simply too OP.

(5) Kotodama Magic

Even among all the devils, Zagred is the most irritating and cruel one. Well, that’s what you can expect from a Devil! But, we cannot ignore how freaking strong his magic is. It’s simply instant manifestation of anything.

Black Clover Zagred
Zagred (Kotodama Magic)

Whatever he speaks come to reality. But, Zagred’s magic has some limitations. Like a Kotodama Magic user cannot just command someone to die. Another thing is that the magic has a specific range. It’s also weak against Dark Magic…

(4) Dark Magic

Yami Sukehiro is the only person in the series to have Dark Magic. According to Julius Novachrono it’s the most unique form of magic and has incredible powers when used at it’s full potential. Not only but various chapters in Black Clover has proved Julius’ words!

Yami Sukehiro
Yami (Dark Magic)

What’s more interesting about Yami’s Dark Magic is that it has got no limits! The more Yami concentrates, the most powerful the magic becomes!

(3) Anti-Magic

Though we readers call it Anti-Magic, it’s not actually a Magic! You see it’s a little more complex than that! What exactly does Asta’s so-called Anti-Magic does? It nullifies any magic!

Astas Devil Black Clover
Asta (Anti Magic)

Liebe is the real source of anti-magic. A 5-leaf Grimoire is formed after its previous user has gone through some terrible times. For some reason the 5-leaf Grimoire is capable of harboring Devils.

To save Liebe, Licita/Richita sealed Liebe inside to 5-leaf Clover, and after staying inside for years, the 5-leaf Grimoire gained Anti-Magic. Since it was basically impossible for anyone to use a Grimoire with Anti-Magic because it would just suck mana out of its inheritor.
Asta got it because he didn’t have any mana…

(2) Gravity Magic

Lucifero is the Devil who has Gravity Magic. Defying Gravity is the toughest thing to do, and you probably know why! Everything is balanced just because of Gravity! Gravity Magic is so powerful than Luci can crush his opponent without even touching them.

Black Clover Lucifero_Revealed
Lucifero (Gravity Magic)

Almost every offensive you can think of comes under Gravity Magic’s lens…I don’t think this needs further explanation!

(1) Time Magic

Astaroth is the Devil behind Time Magic and can most probably beat Gravity Magic. In fact there’s no magic (other than Anti-Magic) that can escape Time Magic! What’s more, Chapter 333 have proven this that Time Magic doesn’t work on Asta for some reason!

Time Magic Black Clover
Julius Novachrono (Time Magic)

But, there can be one weakness to Time Magic, it’s Dark Magic (Yami). If I take example from Science, then a Black Hole can absorb Time, and since Yami has Dark Magic, it’s theoretically possible to either suppress or bypass Astaroth’s Time Magic.

Conclusion & FAQ

Time Magic and Gravity Magic is still the the unbeatable champion when it comes to the most powerful Magic Types/Attributes. There are only two types of magic that can beat Time & Gravity Magic, Anti-Magic and Dark Magic.

What’s your view on this? Do you think that Dark Magic is powerful than Gravity Magic & Time Magic?

Which Is The Strongest Magic In Black Clover?

Time Magic & Gravity Magic is the Strongest Magic in Black Clover.

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