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Black Clover Chapter 333 Spoilers Leaked Online

Black Clover Chapter 333 Spoilers are finally here! The manga has entered the final arc and hell yeah the action has finally began within just one chapter.

Lucius has made a terrifying declaration! What will happen to Asta and the Clover Kingdom? Is Julius Novachrono dead?


  • Chapter 333 title: The Saviour and the Flaw of the World.”
  • Chapter starts with Lucius Zogratis looking at his siblings.
  • Next we see him present in a building that looks like an ancient temple with broken stone tablets.
  • Lucius wants to find the answer to everything and hence decides to follow Astaroth, the devil of Time Magic.
  • Then there’s dialogue between Lucius and Julius where Julius is trying to stop Lucius.
  • Asta attacks Lucius but Lucis stops time for everyone except Asta and him.
  • He cannot stop Asta because according to him Anti-Magic defies all reasons.
  • Asta asks who Lucius was because he is emitting a strange kind of Ki.
  • Lucius says that Julius is dead. He had a mission and that mission is now complete.
  • Lucius wants to destroy humanity and rebuild everything from scratch so that everything is balanced. He wants to rule the world to constantly maintain balance.
  • Chapter ends with Asta not believing the Wizard King’s death and gets ready to attack Lucius.

Chapter 333 Discussion

This is the most terrifying declaration! Julius Novachrono is dead? If that happens then who is going to lead Clover Kingdom? Lucius is infinite times more powerful than Lucifero and the Three Dark Triads!

Adrammelech Black Clover

He can literally stop time and kill his opponent. But rest assured, Astaroth’s magic doesn’t seem to work on Asta! The reason? His Anti-Magic which even Lucius thinks is peculiar…

Lucius has showcased how powerful can Time Magic be. On top of that he has also gained access to Lucifero’s Gravity Magic. So, at present Lucius is not only more powerful than all the Humans, but also even the highest ranking Devil in existence!

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