Saint's Magic is Omnipotent
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The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Release Date.

It’s raining Isekai in 2021. While other Isekai anime are rocking screens, we have an another upcoming anime where the protagonist suddenly transfers to an unknown world. But, the only difference is that the transfer is more like a aberration.

The official Twitter account of “The Saint’s Magical Power is Omnipotent” revealed on 26th February the platforms and also the Release Date of the anime will stream and the time.

According to the above tweet, “The Saint’s Magical Power of Omnipotent,” the anime will start Airing from April 6th, 2021. Funimation will stream the anime as it is released.

The story revolves around Sei, a 20 year-old office worker leading a lonely life. One day, after returning from work, she is suddenly summoned in an another world.

What’s worse?
Her summon was unexpected and an aberration.

Having no other option to return, she decides to spend her life in the new world she is in. Leaving the Royal Palace gave her freedom to start a potion and cosmetics shop and make a decent living.

But, why was she Summoned?
The magical world where she is summoned, faces problems regarding Dark Magic and only a “Saint” could successfully banish it. While the summon was supposed to bring one “Saint,” Sei’s appearance was an extra as with her an unknown girl was also summoned. People took the other girl as the Saint and left Sei without much attention.
Hence, we can say that Sei’s transfer into the new world was rather a mistake than a conscious decision.

The official Youtube Channel of Kadokawa also released a brief look into the Anime world.

Though the brief trailer didn’t reveal much, but, the Art and Animation style looks promising and will suite good on the magical atmosphere. The video ends with the main protagonist, Sei and the moment she is summoned.

On the other note, we are seeing “Girl Power” in Isekai nowadays too. In 2021 alone, we have seen quite a lot of Anime representing Girls as a leading protagonist (So, I’m a Spider, So What?).

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