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One Piece Episode 965 Release Date & Time

Oden has finally left with WhiteBeard and Kin’emon are mad about it. But, how can we miss the fight between Oden and WhiteBeard. We know that Oden is powerful enough to defeat almost anyone, but what’s surprising about Episode 964 is the relationship between White Beard and Oden. On top of it, we see a romantic relationship building between Oden and Toki. From next episode, we will see Roger entering the scene and will surely clash swords with Oden. With this, let’s look into One Piece Episode 964 Release Date, Time and some Discussion.

Episode Discussion

Oden Joins The Crew

Finally, Oden joins the White-Beard crew after suffering for 3 days, but what Oden got in return was not only a dependable crew, but, also his future wife.

While landing on an island, White-Beard meets Oden and decides that Oden can join the White-Beard Pirates. Another thing that is revealed while this chat is that Toki has past links with Wano. In a way, her wearing a Yukata symbolizes with Wano’s culture.

Orochi Makes His Move

Though Oden made a decision to move away from Wano and journey around the world, it seems that his decision has already started to crack Wano. We know Orochi is the real evil behind Wano’s suffering and it was accelerated after Kaido’s arrival, but we never knew how Orochi became a Shogun.

But, it seems that Orochi has started taking advantage of Oden’s absence. Orochi has somehow convinced the present Shogun of Wano that he is a proxy of Oden and will handle the Kingdom in his absence.

And Yasui is already suspecting Orochi’s ulterior motive. Things will be clear when Orochi finally becomes a Shogun.

Momonosuke Is Born

Returning back to White-Beard’s ship, it seems that the love between Oden and Toki has blossomed pretty well. Momosuke’s birth proves it.

There was noting more about Momonosuke and the topic changed to Oden’s first bounty. And what’s less surprising is that Roger has got an eye on him. Now, we will finally see Oden clashing with Roger as he did with White-Beard.

Release Date

One Piece Episode 965 will Release on Saturday, March 6 at 4:30 PM (PDT). The name of next Episode is “Crossing Swords! Roger & Whitebeard.

The preview of Episode 965 shows Roger has taken interest in Oden and will probably clash as they meet for the first time. The name of next episode is enough to make out of the situation.

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