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Zoro & Sanji Reunion after 6 Years.

Zoro and Sanji are back together after 6 years (REAL Years) and the Internet can do nothing but either fret or get excited. One Piece has a long history of doing things in the most unexpected ways. Whether it is introduction of a new character! Death of character we are deeply attached to, representing friendship even though we thought of the characters as enemies.

One Piece does a great job in playing these little tricks. One Piece’s long history shows us how much this same tactics has been used but, every time we fall victim to them. The Wano Arc started quite a long time ago and we are just starting to have some glimpse of the War ensuing. The All-Out War against Kaido.

It is pretty easy to describe the Wano Arc as of now what has happened. In the Wano Arc itself we have seen several heart wrenching surprises about the country, Ace’s relation with Otama, how Kaido destroyed the Country for his greed and the most recent, Yasui’s real identity and the Sinister Smile Fruit. As we are entering into the phase of the “Real” war after Yasui is executed, it is for sure that Oda has something more under his sleeves. Here are other areas we haven’t learned yet.

Ace & Otama in Wano
Ace & Otama

We haven’t learned about:

  • Kawamatsu Kappa,the prisoner Raizo met while searching for Luffy.
  • Who is leaking information to Orochi’s Samurai about the Night Raid.
  • The powerful Sulong form of Nekomamushi and Inuarashi.
  • Big Mom has also not yet entered the Battlefield and regained her memory.

All-in-all there are not one but numerous signals that the Wano Arc will be on the most impactful event in the whole One Piece Universe after the Marineford War.

Why you ask? We saw Luffy’s most powerful form, the 5th Gear in Dressrosa Arc when he was fighting Doflamingo. The War revealed how hard Luffy had been training under Rayleigh, but if we look closely, the focus of our attention was mostly on Luffy and Doflamingo. Yes, the arc was Heart-Wrenching and Luffy defeating Doflamingo was a great shock to the Pirate World but, in Wano Arc we are not focused on just one but too many of them. Kaido, Big Mom, maybe Jinbei will also join, Minks, Samurais. This time the challenges are big for Luffy and his crew because he is going to face enemies who he have not been able to defeat. He was not able to defeat Big Mom,and we know very well what happened to him when he clashed against Kaido.

But, Luffy can play a trump card, with the ability Hyogoro showed-off. We saw how Hyogoro finished Alpacaman with just one hit with what he calls Ryuo. If Luffy can master this before the War begins he will have a upper hand against his enemies.

All in all we are sure that something BIG is about to happen and Oda will leave no stone unturned to turn the Wano Arc as enticing as possible.

The Voice Actors of Zoro & Sanji presenting their Rivalry.

A Wild Theory:

As I described above that it is almost impossible to connect the dots on what Oda is thinking, I have a theory that may seem out of context but knowing how Oda is, may turn true.
Here it is:

Otama can defeat Kaido!!

Yes, there may be a possibility that Otama can defeat Kaido, not in the sense of physical ability but in other sense.

Since, the first time we saw Otama we saw her unique ability to control Beasts with her Devil Fruit ability. And though she is just 8 years of age, she was able to control raging beasts with her dumplings.

Couldn’t this apply to Kaido? I mean, he too is a Beast (Dragon) and we don’t know yet whether his Dragon form is his Devil Fruit ability or he really is a Dragon.

Also Kaido is almost immortal, not that is is “Unkillable”, it is just that no one is powerful enough to kill him. So, the only option left is to subdue him and to keep him under control. And Otama has the ability control Beast regardless the size and power.

If this happens, it will the most unusual and funny turn-point of the Wano Arc. Then only the Big Mom Pirates will remain for the Straw Hats to deal with.

Well, it’s too early to decide what the future is in One Piece. Only Oda and his team knows this, we will just have to wait patiently and enjoy as the story unfolds.

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