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Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 37 Release Date, Preview, Watch Online.

The Second Season of Re: Zero is hands down much more horrific than the previous. We are only halfway through the season and the amount of suffering Subaru have to experience is nothing compared to what he did in Season 1.

Although he becomes stronger every time he has these experiences, situations always shows him the harsh reality. In Re:Zero episode 36 too he has to accept and face hard truths that are hard even for us to digest. With that said let’s dive deep in.

Release Date:

Re:Zero episode 37 will release on Wednesday, September 23. The Second Season of Re:Zero will have 25 episodes in total and as of now we are already halfway through the season. There is no news on delay of release of episodes.

Re:Zero Episode 36 Recap:

Episode 36 episode continues the end of episode 35. With the very beginning of the episode we see a confrontation between Subaru and Beatrice regarding the Gospel Beatrice reads every time. Subaru claims to Beatrice that he knows the Gospel she reads has everything his future.
Beatrice is flustered and in response checks the book. But, Subaru does not let Beatrice to read the Gospel and snatches it from her. What he finds is that the pages are blank and nothing is written on it.

Beatrice’s Past:

This episode reveals the painful past of Beatrice and why she had to wait for 400 years just to die. Beatrice is not a human and a spirit, and she was created by Echidna.

Echidna had a contract with Beatrice that “One day, that person will appear in the library”. In short we can say that Beatrice was waiting for Subaru to arrive and possibly release her from the bondage she has been since 400 years. Betty Beatrice also says regarding that Gospel that it stopped showing the future and she was into the dark whole time about what was about to happen.

Beatrice’s Final Wish:

After learning about what Beatrice wanted, Subaru tried to persuade her into not thinking negatively but, Beatrice counters Subaru with questions that suggests Beatrice has emotions for Subaru. Though her emotions were genuine, Subaru couldn’t accept her wish and couldn’t answer her.

There conversation was stopped by Elsa when she entered Beatrice’s room to kill both of them. But, Subaru ran away with Beatrice and tried to head towards the Sanctuary. But, they were both stopped by Maylie Portroute, the girl Subaru met in the village.

They were surrounded by Portroute and Elsa and eventually Beatrice was killed in a clash by Elsa. She also pierced Subaru’s eye and injures him. But, Beatrice resurrected Subaru again but, his eyes were not healed.

Roswaal’s Secret:

After being resurrected, Subaru does not find Emilia and tries to find her, what he sees is Emilia being possessed by some evil entity and even though she does care about Subaru, she does not seem to care about Subaru’s pain (More like Satella).

Subaru then reaches Roswaal’s hut where he was resting, and after a confrontation broke between Roswaal and Garfiel, he kills both Ram and Garfiel. Subaru was unfazed by the step Roswaal took and to that Roswaal says “Was is because you could change the possibility after dying?” It seems that Roswaal knows Subaru’s secret and then he goes on to heavily injure Subaru.

In the end both of them face The Great Rabbit mabeast and Roswaal sacrifices himself. Then he goes to Emilia and he is severely injured. Emilia still is unfazed by the injured Subaru and after sometime, Subaru dies of his injury. After a short moment of his death, Emilia kisses him and the episode ends with the title “The Taste of Death.”


With the sudden changes in the series, we should be too surprised as Re:Zero is famous for its plot twist and ups and downs. But, the losses Subaru had to face in Episode 36 was at par with anything we have ever seen in the Re:Zero universe. And, say what? we are just half way through the season.

Another important yet lightly taken fact what Roswaal said before dying is that he could see himself in Subaru’s future. There are too many possibilities in what Roswaal said. For that we will have to wait for the upcoming episodes.

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About Re:Zero

The story is centered around the main Protagonist named Natsuki Subaru who, after suddenly being transported to a different world discovers that he cannot die. To be precise, he has the power to re-experience and change the fate of the same possibility over and over again. In the beginning this ability is unique for him, but as time goes by, he suffers the most as he can’t tell anyone that he has this terrifying ability and if he tries to tell this to anyone, he dies.

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