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Full Dive Episode 11 Release & Discussion

Only two episodes are left. From the very beginning of the first episode, the community is divided between lovers of Hiro-Reona duo and haters, or more specifically “dislikers?”

But, the anime is too slow and 12 episodes is not enough to cover many aspects. The anime has started taking pace and we are already at the end of the season. Let’s hope Second is announced soon.

Well, even though some events in Full Dive pushes us to get enraged, this has got a lot of potential. It’s only the beginning and hence maybe Hiro needs some time to pick himself up.

The way this season is ending, I won’t be surprised if Season 2 is also announced at the end episode.

With this, let’s look into Full Dive Episode 11 Release & Discussion.

Episode 10 Recap

After so many episodes Alicia is back again. But, this time her revengeful mentality is pretty calmed down. But, she still has some of it left.

The two bullies are gone and are replaced by Alicia and Mizarisa. Both are at par with all the soldiers, and that’s reassuring.

But, the one thing that attracted my attention was Tesla’s indirect help to Hiro. He knows that Hiro wants to leave the village, and he wants to accompany him in his journey. But, for Hiro, it’s a “death flag.”

Next we move on to how Alicia is still brutal. She cut on thief’s hand only because he was stealing a woman’s bag. Later it’s discovered that someone is enticing violence around the town. Hiro, Mizarisia, Alicia and Reona moves to find out who is the kingpin.

After a brief battle between the thieves, the main thief is caught. And, the reason he wanted to get caught is because he will get free food in the prison, and also that Goblins attack him.

While the battle is about to start between Goblins and Humans, Hiro develops a bad stomach. He rushes to freshen himself. But, the Goblins are already here, and the part is that one is already waiting for Hiro.

I don’t know what to say about this episode? Overall rating 4/10.

Release Date

New episodes of Full Dive are released every Wednesday. Episode 11 will release on June 16th, at 6:30 AM(PDT). The preview was not shown, but the ending indicated that a battle is about to begin between Hiro and Goblins.

It’s funny how the episode ended with Hiro being watched by a Goblin.

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