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Black Clover: 8 Weakest Characters list

Who is the weakest character in Black Clover?

Before reading think about the character you think is the weakest….Now, see whether he/she is present?

[UPDATE] I wrote this list below before Spade Kingdom Arc. I have changed few aspects! But, the whole gist is still the same…

Well, I won’t take more time…Let’s GOOO….


(8) Magna Swing

Magna is always fired up and wants to become stronger. Unfortunately, he is far weaker than other magic Knights in Black Bulls, let alone Clover Kingdom. If you can recall properly, he have never should any extraordinary skills and battle prowess.

Magna Black Clover
Magna Swing

He has become WAY stronger than before after going through some grueling training to beat the Devils. He was actually able to cripple and almost kill Dante. But I’ll wait a bit more before declaring him a powerful character..

(7) Finral

Okay, so both Finral and Magna are a controversial addition to his list. Finral has Spatial Magic, but he severely lacks battle prowess. Especially when you compare him with his younger brother Langris.

Finral Black Clover

Things have changed drastically after the Spade Kingdom arc. I expect both Finral and Magna to become stronger than before!

(6) Solid Silva

Solid Silva is one of Noelle’s elder brother. He is probably the most pathetic person in Black Clover manga. You might have heard a famous phrase: Barking Dogs Seldom Bite…Solid Silva is the physical manifestation of that.

Solid Silva Black Clover
Solid Silva

He spent most of his life discouraging and bullying Noelle, when the real time came to fight he did nothing and just got overwhelmed. The person who defeated him? Nolle!

Instant humiliation!

(5) Zara Ideale

Zara Ideale was the first peasant to become a Magic Knight. Zora has inherited his powers from his dad Zara…Unfortunately, we have almost no information about his magical powers and what type of magics did he use!

Zara Ideale

What’s interesting is that Zara also had Fire Magic which he mostly used for attacking and protection.

(4) Augustus Kira Clover XIII

Clover is lucky enough to get a Wizard King of such high caliber. Because if this dude was there to guide the Magic Knights, the whole Kingdom would be refined!

Augustus Kira Clover XIII Black CloverAugustus Kira Clover XIII Black Clover
Augustus Kira Clover XIII

I hope he uses his magical powers more for protecting his Kingdom than to just show-off and demean Julius Novachrono…

(3) Xerx/Zerx Lugner

I know you have forgotten him. He is the Vice-Captain of the Purple Orca. He seldom appears in the manga. He was crushed to defeat when Zora went against him.

Xerx/Zerx Lugner Black Clover
Xerx/Zerx Lugner

He was also taken over by the Elves when The Eye of the Midnight Sun attacked Clover Kingdom. Though his magic type is ice, he could not overpower Zora! In fact by the time he tried to attack him, he was already defeated!

(2) Sekke

You can describe Sekke by many words! Irritating, Loser, Funny, etc. And of course he is WEAK! I have never seen him really use his strength in a battle. But the funniest thing is that he is the one who always into war-like situation…

Sekke Black Clover

Damn he was also taken in the Spade Kingdom to use his powers against the Devils. He ended up doing nothing and also stayed alive the whole time…Dude is really a genius!

(1) Henry

I think Henry leads the worst life in Black Clover. Alone, deserted and neglected. Only two persons can come near him – Yami and Asta. You probably know the reason why!

Henry Black Clover

Has manages the Black Bull Headquarter and knows everything that’s happening with the building. Well, though he is weak, he can transmute his powers in the Black Bull Headquarter and make it as his battle weapon.

Conclusion & FAQ

I might have missed few characters. Hmm…let me think! Did I miss anyone who should be included in this list too?

I would really appreciate if you name few more and expand this list…

Who Is the Weakest Character In Black Clover?

Henry is the Weakest Character in Black Clover.

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