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All Chainsaw Man Characters With Devil Contracts. List!!

Can you name all the well-known characters in Chainsaw Man? No? Don’t worry even I can’t…But, you know what? Almost everyone of them have contract with some kind of a Devil…

So, in this post, I’ll list all the characters with Devil contract…



(1) Denji

Our boy Denji is the protagonist of the series. The series starts and will probably with him. His life changed after his contract with the Chainsaw Devil began!

Denji had contract with the Chainsaw Devil

Chainsaw Man Denji with Pochita

When compared to other devil contracts, Denji is a bit different! It wasn’t his conscious decision to take a Devil Contract, rather it came to him!

(2) Reze

There is a fierce competition between Power and Reze. Some say that Reze is the best girl in CSM, while some say Power…I’m with Power…But, if we are talking about maturity, Reze is WAY more matured than Power.

Reze has contract with the Bomb Devil.

Chainsaw Man Reze

What’s your honest view on Reze? Do you think she deserves to be at the top of the best waifu?

(3) Kishibe

Kishibe is the luckiest Devil Hunter in Chainsaw Man. The reason you ask? He has been working as a Devil Hunter for a LONG time and still hasn’t died. And achievement on a different level. And you might have guessed it already…He had to make contract with not one but three different devils…

Kishibe has contract with Knife Devil, Claw Devil and Needle Devil.


He plays a huge role in the story, so we can’t just skip him…It’s a manga cliché that old men are super OP…

(4) Aki Hayakawa

The sheer number of devil Aki has under his command shows his dedication towards devil hunting. But you’ll see him using Fox Devil most of the time. Why? The other two Devils have powers that is too much to handle…

Aki Hayakawa had contract with Curse Devil, Fox Devil and Future Devil.

Aki Hayakawa Chainsaw Man
Aki Hayakawa

The more you learn about Aki, the more you either fall in love with his personality and commitment. Or you might also end-up pitying him! In fact a great person like Aki doesn’t deserve a life like that!

(5) Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a terrifying Villain in the series, and she is probably the one with the most Devil Contracts. What’s surprising? All three of them have powers out of this world!

Santa Claus had contract with Curse Devil, Darkness Devil, Doll Devil.

Santa Claus Chainsaw Man
Santa Claus

When you read/watch about her, you’ll learn that she is also the most complex character. I had to re-read the chapters to understand her complex way of operating!

(6) Himeno

If you ask me, Himeno is the only woman in CSM who has a strong Humane side. Unlike other women who are just mayhem. I personally like Himeno. She also looks pretty badass because of that eyepatch.

Himeno had contract with the ghost Devil.

Chainsaw Man Himeno

Ghost Devil is one of the strongest Devil, and you probably know why! A large group of people are insanely scared of Ghosts!

(7) Akane Sawatari

She is one of the first villains who appear in the series. Her motive was to kidnap Denji and take his heart. But she couldn’t face him as Makima was there for protection.

Akane Sawatari had contract with the Snake Devil.

Akane Sawatari Chainsaw Man
Akane Sawatari

I won’t spoil you more than this…Especially if you’re an Anime watcher!

(8) Hirofumi Yoshida

Hirofumi Yoshida is also considered as the sexiest male character in Chainsaw Man. He has got looks of a supermodel! Keeping his looks aside,

Yoshida has contract with the Octopus Devil.

Hirofumi Yoshida Chainsaw Man
Hirofumi Yoshida

Compared to his age and Devil, Hirofumi Yoshida is pretty experienced and can mitigate high-intensity attacks. He is the only Devil Hunter who successfully defended himself against Quanxi’s insanely fast attacks…

And yeah, he is also present in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

(9) Kusakabe

Unless you can recall each and every character in CSM, you’ll have a hard time remembering Kusakabe. He appeared only for few chapters before dying an unfortunate death!

Kusakabe had contract with the Stone Devil.

Kusakabe Chainsaw Man

No gonna lie, Kusakabe had promising future, but his fate didn’t help him a bit.

(10) Asa Mikata

Asta Mikata is a newcomer in this list. She is probably the primary antagonist of Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Asa Mikata has contract with the War Devil.

Mikata Chainsaw Man
Asa Mikata

Unfortunately, I cannot write a lot about her, Part 2 has just started serialization. Rest assured, Part 2 is going to be even better than Part 1.

All CSM Character Devil Contract List

This is a concise section of all the important characters who have/had contract with a Devil:

  • Denji
    • Chainsaw Devil
  • Reze
    • Bomb Devil
  • Kishibe
    • Claw Devil
    • Knife Devil
    • Needle Devil
  • Aki Hayakawa
    • Curse Devil
    • Future Devil
    • Fox Devil
  • Santa Claus
    • Curse Devil
    • Darkness Devil
    • Doll Devil
  • Himeno
    • Ghost Devil
  • Akane Sawatari
    • Snake Devil
  • United States President
    • Gun Devil
  • Hirofumi Yoshida
    • Octopus Devil
  • Kusakabe
    • Stone Devil
  • Asa Mikata
    • War Devil

Conclusion & FAQ

Of course, there are many other characters with Devil contracts, but unlike the ones in the list above they don’t have any important role in the story. Also, most of them died before they could reveal their devil contract!

Well, the good news if that Chainsaw Man Part 2 has began and we will see new characters and new Devils. So, this list is going to get updated as soon as new Devil Contracts are revealed!!

Stay Updated…

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