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Who Dies In Chainsaw Man? All Characters Death Explained

Chainsaw Man is an explosive manga series that you cannot afford to miss. Be it anything you want, Action, Emotion, Comedy, Gore, Chainsaw Man is the epitome of such genre.

What makes the series even more fantastic is the length of chapters it has. The Mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto is well acclaimed for his past manga “Fire Punch,” and especially how short his manga are.

Chainsaw Man does not even have 100 chapters, and the emotional bonding it creates between the manga characters and the reader is just great.

Now, when you have a series where characters drop like flies, it’s hard to keep note on the total number of characters who march the death parade. Hence, this is the list that will make things crystal clear.


List Of Characters Who Die:

(1) Himeno

When Denji started working officially as a Devil Hunter, he met with Aki. Though their partnership was strained in the beginning, they adjusted and later they went to work together.

As Aki is to Denji, Himeno was to Aki. When Aki joined the Devil Hunter association, Himeno was the one to be his senior. Where Aki’s personality was introvert Himeno personality was an exact opposite. She pushed Aki to break the invisible cocoon and made him what he became later.

These two combination worked pretty well together, until it didn’t.

One day when Himeno, Aki, Denji and other Devil Hunters went into a restaurant, they were greeted by a man who wanted to extract revenge from Denji. Things quickly went out of hand when the man revealed his Katana Devil power.

Chainsaw Man Himeno

Fight broke between the Chainsaw Devil(Denji) and Katana Man, and in that crossfire, Himeno took a bullet in her chest. Though for the initial time being, it wasn’t fatal.

To control the situation she unleashed the Ghost Devil she had contract with. That’s the reason she always wears a eye-patch. She sacrificed her right eye to get powers from the Ghost Devil.

When everything failed and situation went way out of hand, she sacrificed her entire body to unlock the Ghost Devil’s full capability. That’s it. She lost her body and probably soul too to the same Devil she controlled once.

I don’t want to reveal what happened after that since I would spoil too much. If you are interested go ahead and read the manga, it’s available for free.

(2) Reze

Reading for the first time about Reze? Then let me ask you the first question before revealing about her? She is with Denji or against Denji? Answer the question in your mind before reading below.

In the whole Chainsaw Man series there are three female characters who grab Denji’s attention. First is Makima, then it’s Power and in the end it’s Reze. No, Kobeni doesn’t fall in this category as Denji never saw her as close as the above three.

She met Denji as an unknown girl when they were trapped in rain. And within few moments of interaction Denji started liking her. They came very close to each other until she revealed herself.

After their personal time together, Reze went on and kissed Denji only to reveal that she has bit-off his tongue. The above image is the exact moment after it happened.

Chainsaw Man Reze

Denji immediately understood the situation and unleashed his Chainsaw powers. It’s revealed that Reze is a Soviet agent who has come for Denji. She completely overwhelms him in battle and severely injures him.

A cruel battle takes place between Reze and many other Devil Hunters. Countless die in the process.

But, how did she die if she overwhelmed most of the Devil Hunters? After the incident took place, Denji countered her attack and tried to calm her down. In the final panels we see that even though Reze is a Soviet agent, she partially develop feelings for Denji.

Finally she tries to meet Denji for the last time, but before she could meet him, Makima appears, and you can already understand what happened after that!

(3) Beam(Shark Devil)

Beam or the Shark Fiend whatever you like to call him is the friend you would always like to have in your life. Beam’s appearance is of the head of a Shark and body of a human. Similar to his physical appearance his personality is also eccentric.

He sees Denji or the Chainsaw Devil as his leader and always wants to stick with him.

Chainsaw Man Beam
Beam (Shark Fiend)

Beam even though a Fiend is associated with the Devil Hunters Association. He doesn’t have any major role to play in the series, but at times he was the very reason why Denji survived.

After Reze attacked Denji and severely injured him, it was Beam who took him and ran away. If he wasn’t present in the moment, then who knows, maybe Reze would have taken Denji to the Soviet Union.

Until the last moment of his survival, he dedicated his life to Denji usually calling him “Lord Chainsaw.” He was not killed by Makima, but an another more powerful Devil than him.

(4) Quanxi

Probably the most powerful Human in the entire series, Quanxi hails from China. She is usually referred to as the “First Devil Hunter,” and there is almost no one who can defeat her in combat.

Her capability was revealed when she was introduced later in the series. Besides Kishibe, she is the only one old enough to survive as a Devil Hunter.

This explains how experienced Kishibe is. But, the questions arises if she is so powerful then how was she killed and why?

After working as a Devil Hunter in Japan, she moved to China and started working there. Similar to Reze she also got a contract to capture the Chainsaw Devil and bring it back.

Chainsaw Man Quanxi

She almost succeeded in capturing Denji, but yet again to break her plan, one person was already available. Makima.

Now, you can see how much of an important role Makima plays in the series. After Makima came, she almost lost all her will to fight, and immediately after that her head was decapitated.

But, now here is the twist. Even though her head was decapitated, she again makes an appearance but as Makima’s puppet. Whether you can call that version of Quanxi as the real Quanxi is a serious question.

I wouldn’t call her the real Quanxi, so, you can say that she is dead.

(5) Galgali(Violence Devil)

Similar to Beam, this guy also works as a Devil Hunter. He is a fiend who loves violence, hence Violence Devil. The difference between him and Beam is that he is more of a straightforward guy.

He is in most times seen with Kobeni and probably guarding her or helping her confront Devils.

Chainsaw Man Violence Fiend
Galgali (Violence Fiend)

He and Beam(Shark Devil) died at the same time at the hands of an insanely powerful Devil. That Devil is powerful enough to even counter Makima. By the time Makima arrived to help, most of the group was dead.

But, the way he died was the most cruel. His whole body took such deformed form as if hit by many missile at once. Large holes developed in whole body and then in the end it was also torn apart.

(6) Angel Devil

The first question before learning about the presence of Angle Devil is that who can be afraid of Angels? But, everything is possible, and hence Angel Devil is also present in the series. Heck, if I can recall perfectly, then in the beginning of the Chapter there was a Tomato Devil. Weird isn’t it?

But what’s not weird is his prowess. He is in the same Division as of Kishibe. And, in spite of his experience the Angel Devil is considered as the second strongest. He can even surpass Kishibe in term of sheer strength, but is too lazy to take such steps.

Chainsaw Man Angel Devil
Angel Devil

If somebody knows his ability, then they won’t approach him the next time or maybe ever. Angel Devil, Beam and Violence Devil were introduced in the same Chapter, but all these three weren’t lucky enough to survive.

One thing must not be forgotten that even though he is an Angel, at the end of the day, he is also a Devil who doesn’t like Humans. Say it the turn of fate or simply emotion, he respected Aki.

Angel Devil also plays a very important role after dying. What important role? He has the capacity to bring the Chainsaw Devil on his knees.

Unfortunately, by the time he understood Makima’s real intention it was too late and Angel either got killed and then controlled, or he simply couldn’t avoid Makima’s power.

(7) Aki

How cruel can fate be? As a character, Aki can have his own series altogether. More like a side-story where we get to see what happened after the incident that changed his life forever.

As I said before, Himeno is to Aki as Aki is to Denji. After becoming an official Devil Hunter Aki was the first one to walk with Denji in their hunt for Devils.

Aki is represented as an emotionless character, hence even though he adores Himeno and Denji, he never expresses it.

But, as I said before, if there was one person with whom fate could be the cruelest then it surely is Aki.

Chainsaw Man Aki

Why? It’s an extremely long story, probably I would have to explain the whole series to show why Aki is one of the most important and also sort of a “side-protagonist.”

But, in short what I can say is that from the very beginning till end he stayed with Denji and also died in the same way. If his whole life wasn’t worse enough, the type of death he faced was more soul-tearing than expected.

And guess what? Who killed him? It’s the Chainsaw Man! And who made this happen? MAKIMA!! After reading the entire series twice, I hope nobody receives such death. It’s really heartbreaking.

(8) Power

The tantrum thrower also meets end in the series. Besides Denji, Aki and Makima, Power is the only character who stays from the beginning until the end. If you don’t know then Power is the Blood Devil and she can manipulate her blood in various way.

If she tries harder, then she can also manipulate blood in another people’s body, but she needs extreme concentration for that which needs more training.


As a reader I never thought that Power would die because of her close proximity to Denji and Aki, but she also met her end in the most unusual way.

Just after when Aki died, Power was disintegrated in front of Denji by Makima. Why? Just because she wanted to(The real reason is too big of a Spoiler so I’m refraining to write it).

Just think about poor Denji. Losing his closest friends one-by-one. Well, no wonder Chainsaw Man is a masterpiece!

(9) Makima

The Hunter go Hunted finally. Makima is the most mysterious character in Chainsaw Man and when the series was still running, countless speculation arose about her identity. Some said that she was the Human Devil, some said she was the Woman Devil, I also read something like: “She is not even a Devil, she is a GOD.”

Chainsaw Man Makima

But, the truth only lies with the mangaka, and after the revelation every reader was surprised to not have thought about her power. Makima is the Control Devil, hence she loves to keep people under her control.

She wants things in her own way, and simply finishes off anyone who doesn’t listen to her, but I suppose there is no one who can do that.

When the battle between Chainsaw Devil and Makima intensified, she almost defeated the Devil, and thought to have won the War, but there was a BIG surprise waiting for her.

In the end she was killed by the same person who loved her. Denji killed Makima. He took the human form and killed her with a real chainsaw. I won’t go into the detailed since this information is more than enough to spoil you, but, the whole idea about how he defeated her was later explained by him.

The above list are only for the main characters who appear in most chapters. This post would become too long if I start mentioning each and every side-character in the series.

As I said before, a character dying in this series is completely normal and there is hardly any chapter where a random character doesn’t die. At worst, the number of characters dying in a single chapter is more than maybe ten.

Characters Who Faced Death Situation But Didn’t Die

Besides the main characters who died or their status is still unknown, there are also some born with golden luck. According to me, these two are the only people who have the best luck in the entire series even though they always witness the worse.

(1) Kishibe

Arguably Kishibe is the eldest among all the Devil Hunters. In a panel in the manga, we see that he entered as a Devil Hunter way back when he was pretty young. The image below is from the time when he just started his carrier as a Devil Hunter.

After his admission in the devil hunter society, countless subordinates worked under him and most of them died. How many battles have he won against Devils is never revealed, but by his present appearance it’s sure that from the very beginning of his new life he was badass and too powerful(or maybe simply cunning) to be defeated.

Chainsaw Man Kishibe_Young
Kishibe at young age

A deep scar on his face also symbolizes that he had to face a Devil that was powerful enough to leave such injury. Despite all these years, he never died.

If that wasn’t enough, he also didn’t die when the fully awakened Chainsaw Devil came near him rampaging everything at site. Fatefully he was also spared by Makima and Quanxi too. Now, it’s hard to argue whether he would win if Makima and Quanxi went all-out against him.

If that happened I’m sure he too would join the parade of dead characters. Kisibe is a side-character, but he plays a crucial role in Denji’s life.

(2) Kobeni

She is the center of most events happening in the series. It’s as if the mangaka specifically had decided to keep her alive only to torture her until the end of the series. It’s almost as if her entire life as a Devil Hunter & as a normal citizen is a cruel joke.

Maybe Fujimoto(the mangaka) wants to indirectly say that cost of not dying in this Devil’s world is to get tortured by life and fate. From the very beginning of her appearance in the series, her appearance has been extremely timid and pessimistic.

When she and her colleague including Aki and Denji were trapped, she decided to hand-over Denji to the Devil(I won’t name the Devil, it’s a major spoiler) against her life.

Chainsaw Man Kobeni

Though she regretted after that. As stated before, we never know what how badass Kishibe was back in his day and in what situation he fell into, but, we have seen quite a lot in Kobeni’s case.

Though the Chainsaw Devil came near Kishibe, at that moment, the Chainsaw Devil wasn’t focused on him, but, poor Kobeni had to go to a date with the Chainsaw Devil and had to do something that was too embarrassing to do in public(not what you think).

Even then she survived and didn’t even had a minor scratch. CSM community loves her. Why? There are various reasons. Some for her cuteness, some pity her more than love her, etc, etc.

If you ask me whether I like her as a character, then I won’t say that she is the best, again that also doesn’t mean she is worthless. She can do pretty good in hand-to-hand combat.

(3) Other Cases

Though this might not add up to it, but Denji is also the one who has cheated death many times. I won’t say it’s uncountable times since he has Devil’s power, but as a Human his luck is pretty Gold.

He got his powers from Pochita in the beginning of the series when he was cut to pieces. And in the midst of the series he faced death situation countless times, but again he had Devil powers.

And again in the very end of the series he almost died while killing Makima. It was Denji who killed Makima and not the Chainsaw Man. After everything settled, he walked as a Human and with his powers quite diminished than before.

But, comparing to Kishibe and Kobeni, Denji had only faced real death situation two times and not countless times like Kobeni.


  • Himeno died after she sacrificed her whole body to the Ghost Devil.
  • Reze was killed by Makima.
  • Beam(Shark Fiend) was killed by Darkness Devil.
  • Quanxi was killed by Makima in the end.
  • Galgali(Violence Fiend) was also killed by Darkness Devil.
  • Angel Devil’s status is unknown, but he was probably killed and controlled by Makima.
  • Aki was killed by Denji(Chainsaw Devil).
  • Power was killed by Makima.
  • Makima was killed by Denji(Not as the Chainsaw Devil).
  • Kishibe didn’t die until the end, though he faced several risky situations.
  • Kobeni also survived even after coming close to death countless times.


Before diving into the series I read in a forum that “Chainsaw Man is the Game of Thrones of Manga.” Back then I didn’t take that statement seriously as I never imagined that a manga can be so brutal with even the most important characters.

Yes, there are various series, but what makes Chainsaw Man’s gore more intense is that the series is less than 100 Chapters. And, the level of destruction it caused in the hearts of readers in unimaginable.

Though the mangaka completed the series with “End of Part-1,” I genuinely wonder how will he continue the series next. Since, in the end the main “Villain” is already dead and there is nothing serious to fear about.

Avid readers may come up with different theories, but it’s only up to the mangaka how he starts fresh. Well, Chainsaw Man released the final chapter of it’s Part-1 on December 13th 2020, so, we might have to wait before there is any official announcement about Part-2.

Good news is that Chainsaw Man is getting an Anime and the Studio behind it is none other than MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen). Looking at the animation in the trailer, manga readers are already hyped. I am too!

Read Chainsaw Man


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