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10+ Most Underrated Characters In One Piece. LIST

As an adventure series One Piece has countless characters. While most of them are just side-characters appearing only for a couple of times there are also some who play a huge role in the story but don’t get the attention they deserve.

Hence, in this post I’ll list almost every One Piece character who are terribly underrated. These great characters have massive fan-following but they don’t appear in the chapters much.

(1) Smoker

I would say Smoker is the most underrated character in One Piece. He is probably the only Marine who has seen Luffy grow from a nobody to a famous Pirate. He has also seen Monkey D. Dragon but didn’t do anything. Maybe he couldn’t do anything.

One Piece Smoker

OP fans also claim that Smoker’s face matches that of Zoro. But, this reason alone cannot be enough for the respect he receives.

(2) Crocodile

Hate him as much as you can but Crocodile has a personality you cannot miss. He is not only physically strong but also intelligent to the point that he turned Alabasta to ruin. If it wasn’t Luffy I don’t think there was anyone who could beat him.

One Piece Crocodile

One Piece has entered the final arc and Oda has finally decided to reintroduce him in the story. And guess what? One Piece fans were so excited that Crocodile was trending on Twitter…

(3) Cavendish

Be honest – did you forget this dude? Cavendish is the insidious villain you can ever face. If terms of swords skill he is the best swordsman after Mihawk and Zoro. In fact he is praised even by the highers levels in Marine.

One Piece Cavendish

On top of being a master-swordsman Cavendish is also great at horse riding. There are only a few people who can match his skills and speed while he is serious…

(4) Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew was a officer of the Revolutionary Army and also a Warlord of the Sea. He was overqualified to the point that he single-handedly wiped out Straw Hats. Kuma is also one of the most unfortunate character in One Piece.

One Piece Bartholomew Kuma
Bartholomew Kuma

He lived such a authoritative life but ended up under the boots of the Celestial Dragon. I hope Kuma got a little more screentime and respect.

(5) Galdino (Mr.3)

Galdino is among the many enemy who handled the Straw Hats with breeze. What sets apart Mr.3 is his extreme intelligence. Dude can think 10 steps ahead of his opponent and take decision…Put an irritating ability on top of intelligence – mayhem.

One Piece Galdino (Mr.3)
Galdino (Mr.3)

The Straw Hats and Mr.3 started as enemies but who knew that later in the chapters Mr.3 and Luffy would form a “brotherly” relation…Galdino is directly responsible for Ace’s freedom.

(6) Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria may look like a goof but he was once a Warlord of the Sea. Physical prowess is not his expertise but it’s almost impossible to beat him in mind game…He has ability to bring the dead back to life by switching souls…A majority portion of OP community feels that Moria was not given the same attention.

One Piece Gecko Moria
Gecko Moria

I suppose Oda forgot that Moria was a previous Warlord of the sea…

(7) Sanji

For some reason Sanji doesn’t get the same fan-following as Luffy and Zoro. Not that he is weak because his bounty is almost same as Zoro. I think Sanji lacks the seriousness that Zoro has. i’m not counting Luffy in this…

One Piece Sanji

Rest assured, Sanji is insanely powerful, especially when a woman is involved…I imagine how strong he would become if Nami even falls in a death-like situation

(8) Nico Robin

Robin has the maturity that Nami doesn’t have. She is the perfect example of how a Lady should be…Just like Sanji, Nico Robin is also underrated. She only gets limited screen time and most of them are only for few panels…

Nico Robin One Piece
Nico Robin

What’s your view on her? I have included her in this list after a lot about her in various community channels. Lot of fans do think that Robin is underrated.

(9) Perospero

Perorin. When anyone in the One Piece universe hears their spine shiver in fear. Perospero is has a unique yet catastrophic ability that can either subdue or kill his opponent within two hits. I’m not the one who is saying this, but the chapters I don’t think I have seen any chapter where Perospero instantly gets overwhelmed by his opponent.

One Piece Perospero

It’s genuinely a hard task to pin down Perospero let alone completely defeat him… For some reason he doesn’t get the deserve attention. Most of the time he is either fighting someone pretty inferior or a character not related to the Straw Hats.

(10) Ivankov

Any opponent laughing at his looks shall be making the worst decision of their life. Ivankov have proven this not once but several times. He is not only insanely intelligent but also has immense physical strength. There are two incidents that make Ivankov a strong fighter:

One Piece Ivankov

The first incident is when he fought the completely transformed version of Bartholomew Kuma where he easily handled it without having any issue. The second incident is when he defeated Sanji without even getting a scratch.

(11) Edward Weevil

Edward Weevil is the MOST underrated character in One Piece. He is not an important addition in the story but according to the Marines his power is equal to young Whitebeard. Edward also thinks of himself as Whitebeard’s son which hasn’t been proven.

One Piece Edward Weevil
Edward Weevil

My guess is that Edward’s strength lies in his strong belief that he is Whitebeard’s son so he must be as strong as his dad. Now, the manga has never explained explained about his strength but the results speak for themselves.

(12) Killer

We finally got to see Killer’s real face after he ate a defected Devil Fruit. Keeping aside his looks Killer is insanely strong and skilled for a swordsman. Zoro had to really struggle to save himself…And we all know what happened in the end.

One Piece Killer

As a swordsman Killer deserves a spot in the best swordsman list. Killer and Kid has the same “nakama” relation as Zoro and Luffy.

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