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My Hero Academia 294 Spoilers, Raws Scans.

The War between the Heroes and Villains is almost at its end. Machia is under control and its official that Best Jeanist is alive. On the other hand, another revelation that shocked everyone was that Dabi was Endeavor’s another son. Let’s see what My Hero Academia 294 Spoilers has for us.


  • Chapter name is “Last Stage”.
  • Chapter starts with showing Aizawa, Mirko, Hawks, Mt. Lady and Endeavor in unconscious state.
  • Deku is also seen to be in backward falling position.
  • Best Jeanist is still trying to hold Machia on the other hand, Mirio, Iida, Bakugo and Nejire are trying to fight the Nomus.
  • It was stated that the Nomus have about equal power to the High-End.
  • Iida was telling Bakugo to step back saying “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, Please Step Back,” siting the fragile condition of Bakugo.
  • Bakugo accepts that he has become weak due to his injuries, but, his voice won’t come out.
  • Since, Machia is already under control, Best Jeanist is now trying to control Shigaraki, Spinner and Compress. In another panel, we see Toga still running and crying.
  • Spinner says his last words saying that he loved Lov. But, Compress broke free and used his Quirk on Spinner and Shigaraki.
  • In a Monologue, Compress reveals that he was the descendant of Harima Ouji, one of the elite famous criminal back in the day.
  • The scene changed to Touya and Shouto. Touya told Shouto “Sorry Shouto, the situation has changed. Not only Enji Todoroku is not broken, he’s unconscious, so there’s no point in continuing the show. Sorry, Best Creation.”
  • And then Dabi jetburns Shouto, and went to Compress. Shouto was shown to fall and get burned.
  • In the last panel Mr. Compress shows his face and says “May the Curtain Rise For the Escape Show.”

Mr. Compress Face Revealed

This War between Heroes and Villains is reaching to its end and we get to see an another revelation. in the final panel, we get to see Mr. Compress’ face for the first time.

Within all the Villains, excluding Dabi, it was Mr. Compress who had the most secretive personality. Almost nothing was known about his past and why a magician was following a Villain’s path.

He himself reveals in a Monologue that, he is the descendant of a famous criminal named “Harima Ouji“. And, finally the last panel reveals his face.

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