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Black Clover 275 Spoilers, Raw Scans Leaked.

The War against the Spade Kingdom has officially begun. In the previous Chapter, we saw that Mereoleona suddenly appearing and attacking the unknown Demon. Now that the Tree of Qliphoth is slowly starting to grow, it’s just a matter of time until Yami and William dies. How will the Knights of Clover and Heart Kingdom save their Captains and Queen respectively? With this let’s look into Black Clover 275 Spoilers and Raw Scans.


  • Chapter name translates to “Personification of Hellfire,” and is of 17 pages again.
  • In the beginning of the Chapter, Nacht explains about the ritual and its working process. He also explains how to stop the ritual.
  • Nacht explains that it is possible to destroy the Tree of Qliphoth with Anti-Magic, but, it’s still unproven.
  • They can forcibly break the Tree and release Yami and William, but they will die in that process, and, Chalotte won’t forgive them.
  • In the next panel, returning to the War-ground, Mereoleona hits the Demon extremely hard, but, it does not hurt him much.
  • Probably, it was Nacht who requested Mereoleona’s help with the upcoming War.
  • Mereoleona activates her New Form and, goes on to fight the Demon again.
  • The Groups are going to where the Dark Triads are, and will attempt to finish them as quick as possible.
  • The Invasion Team splits up and each team will attack one Drak Triad.
  • Charlotte & Rill will battle against Vanica.
  • Yuno & Langris will battle against Zenon( Pretty Obvious).
  • Jack & Nacht will battle against Dante. (Unclear whether the other one is Nacht or someone else)
  • Chapter ends with the panel showing those match-ups.

Raw Scans

The beginning illustration of the Raw Scan shows the position of the Dark Triads and how they are carefully surrounding the Tree of Qliphoth.


Hints of Asta’s Entry

In the beginning of the Chapter, Nacht explains how the Tree of Qliphoth works and the ways to release Yami and William. One way which he explains is absolutely impossible to perform, since doing that will kill both the Captains. And, we know what will follow if they die is such wasteful manner.

But, the other solution that he presents particularly hints that it will be Asta in the end who will break through the Tree of Qliphoth. That clearly indicates that, most probably Asta will come quite late in the the War Zone.

Asta is training hard with Nacht’s devil to balance Liebe within himself. Few Chapter ago, we saw how surprised and terrified? Nacht was when he saw the combined form of Asta and Liebe. That clearly indicates that when Asta and Liebe are combined and share their emotions equally, something really power emerges from it.

Though, it is unclear as to how long will Asta take before he masters this control, but it’s sure that, when everything settles, it’s only Yuno and Asta who will defeat the Dark Triads. And, it will take quite many Chapters for that to happen.

Mereoleona’s New Form

Mereoleona is a powerhouse and that too on an another level. In the Anime we have seen how powerful she can get when she becomes actually serious. And her entry into the Spade Kingdom War is a positive indication for the Clover and the Heart Kingdom.

The way she single-handedly counters a demon of such size shows that she has more to come and her power has barely reached its limit. And, we were accurate about that.

In Chapter 275 Spoilers, we see Meroleona unleashing her New Form, and the power seems far more powerful than what she usually uses. Of course, she needs that power to defeat a Demon is she decides to fight it alone.

Who is the Myterious Character?

Here is were the fun began in the community, when the last member was not revealed. In the fan community, most are saying that it’s Nacht and Jack’s combination, but a group within the community is saying that it’s “Sekke” LOL.

And, I won’t be surprised if Tabata actually decides to reveal the mysterious person as Sekke. When, the Invasion Team was revealed, Sekke was trending in the community, and the jokes that follow were:

“I Pity the Dark Triads.”

“Sekke will Butcher the Dark Triads alone. He is too OP for Spade Kingdom.”

“Enter, the Dark Lord.” (In one Chapter Dorothy said Sekke as the Dark Lord).

Keeping the jokes aside, if Tabata really decides to use Sekke and not Nacht, then, Dante for sure won’t go easy on him.

But, I think the possibility is high, since, Nacht is a master manipulator, and he will try to use this distraction to gain access to special information about the Tree of Qliphoth or Spade Kingdom’s weakness.

Let’s see what happens. Whatever it is, will be interesting to watch Asta and other Magic Knig

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