Fire Force Pillars
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Fire Force 247 Spoilers & Raw Scans Leaked.

Vulcan and his team have entered a hidden place, and suddenly Dr. Giovanni have appeared too. Dr. Giovanni reveals that they have already cracked the Pi Code, and also that it was the Evangelist who created the Sun. Now that Vulcan and his team are against Dr. Giovanni, how will they save themselves? Let’s find out in Fire Force 247 Spoilers and Raw Scans.


  • Vulcan reports what Giovanni said to Licht through a wire.
  • Licht thinks they have to believe it while he looks at the 8th’s battle. – Lisa counters Giovanni’s attacks.
  • Giovanni reveals that his ancestors collaborated with Vulcan’s to build Amaterasu 250 years ago.
  • Vulcan’s ancestors found out Amaterasu’s true power after hearing the first pillar crying for help and sealed it by creating a key which brought Giovanni’s to look after Vulcan’s.
  • Giovanni admits that he murdered Vulcan’s father and grandfather for disobeying to Adolla’s will.
  • Lisa still fights against Giovanni but can’t hurt him because his body is just a bunch of insects making her feeling uncomfortable.
  • Vulcan cheers her up and tells her he has a plan. Yū takes a machine out of a bag that is supposed to expand Lisa’s magnetism.
  • Lisa uses one of her tentacles and its magnetism pushes back all the insects that was making Giovanni’s body.
  • Dr. Giovanni’s head falls-off and it looks like an Ant.
  • Vulcan says its miserable to see him in such form.

Raw Scans

Will Dr. Giovanno Die?

After Shinra and Arthur fought Dr. Giovanni, they were hardly able to harm him, since his whole body was that of an insect. But, Vulcan is different, he has technical expertise and knows Dr. Giovanni since, ages.

The reason why Dr. Giovanni is hard to kill is because of his insect capabilities. On top of it, he can take the form of various insects. But, in the Chapter end we see Vulcan’s machine is successfully able to push out the real form of Dr. Giovanni. So, is it now possible to kill Dr. Giovanni?

There could be a possibility, but, who knows, even if Vulcan kills him, maybe Dr. Giovanni is hiding his real body somewhere safe. For that we will have to wait for the upcoming Chapters.

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